In Russia, delivery of new equipment for Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s Coal Terminal continues apace, with the arrival of various over- sized components forming part of its giant reclaimers at Berth No 51. These were shipped by barge from the port Nakhodka.

Initial parts and equipment — mostly containerized — commenced delivery in 2015 from Marubeni Corporation of Japan, with infrastructure work having started in 2012.

Berth No 51 was built in 2014 specifically to handle oversized structures for the Terminal’s Phase 3 development.
A 500-tonne bucket reclaimer will eventually be deployed in the loading of coal onto conveyor belts.
JSCVostochny Port is Russia’s main coal handling stevedore company.Around 98.9% of coal handled does so in an automated

fashion, giving it an annual capacity of 14.2mt (million tonnes). At the company’s Universal Handling Terminal, coal is handled using clamshell grabs, with throughput of up to 3mt.

Most of the coal handled comes from mines at Kuzbass.
In 2014, coal exports accounted for 98% of the company’s turnover, of which just 2% was cabotage.