Since 1977, Vortex has specialized in the bespoke design and manufacture of components used to transport and control flow of dry bulk solid materials. Vortex’s technical focus is in the development of innovative technologies to improve solids process efficiency, ensure dust-free environments, and establish long-term reliability.
Worldwide, more than 20,000 companies rely on Vortex slide gates, diverter valves, iris diaphragms and loading solutions. With a global service network that spans more than 120 countries, Vortex delivers global solutions through localized relationships. Through an in-house team of 70 design engineers and application engineers, Vortex analyses the application parameters and works directly with customers to match the right solution to the application. Vortex offers collaborative problem-solving and technical support throughout — from project inception to completion.
With more than 300 years of combined experience in the solids and bulk processing industry, Vortex’s application engineering knowledge is unprecedented. Vortex has delivered solutions to a wide range of industries handling thousands of dry bulk solid material types. If the material is dry, there is a high probability Vortex has handled it.
The heart of Vortex is made up of all the disciplines required to meet the expectations of its clients. Vortex strives for the highest standards at every stage of the manufacturing process — engineering, planning, welding, painting, assembly, quality, logistics, customer service, safety and so forth. Vortex believes that if it does not excel in all disciplines, then it fails to deliver the value its customers have come to expect. This is how Vortex has developed strong, trusting relationships with its customers for more than 40 years.
Vortex’s client-focused quality management programme is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and covers every aspect of product quality and technical services, from initial inquiry to product performance. Vortex specialists are available for customers to contact at any time and can be quickly on-site. Vortex listens to end-user needs and welcomes their feedback, based on product performance in-the-field. This open line of communication has led to many design improvements and new product developments — and allows the company’s client-focused design philosophy to take shape.
Vortex’s mission is to provide value-added products that are specifically designed for end-users in-the-field, while maintaining a technical focus on developing innovative technologies using the following core principles:
* compensate for wear: Vortex closely studies the characteristics of thousands of dry bulk solid materials and how they interact with various materials of construction. Vortex engineers assess the wear potential for each client’s process and make application-specific modifications to ensure reliability, durability and longevity.
* maintenance-friendly: Vortex’s priority is to keep customers up and running — because in the customer’s world, there is no time for downtime. Vortex components are engineered with in-line service features that accelerate the system maintenance process, saving its customers’ teams time and money.
* long service life: end-users are often attracted to equipment on the fallacy of low price, ignoring the cost-benefits of reliability and longevity. Vortex designs products that will out-perform and outlast many market alternatives — so that end-users realize the full value of their investment.
* minimal spare parts: Vortex approaches wear parts with simple, durable design. Doing so means maintenance procedures are also kept simple, while the need to perform maintenance is infrequent. This reduces spare part inventories — which also means a cost reduction.
* application engineering: Vortex believes in offering only value-added products that are designed for purpose, rather than producing off-the-shelf, commodity components. With an in-house team of engineers, Vortex designs equipment for even the most demanding applications.
* dust-free environments: facilities have an ethical obligation to protect their employees and communities from the hazards of manufacturing. Vortex closely studies trends in air quality, environmental dust emissions, workplace safety protocols and other evolving regulations. Vortex components are designed with these concerns in mind.
Selecting the right piece of equipment is critical to the success of any dry bulk solids material handling system. Misapplied components and deficient designs add unexpected costs and create processing inefficiencies. The characteristics of dry bulk solid materials are endless, so there is no such thing as an all-encompassing solution that meets every application. This is why Vortex offers a wide range of valves and loading solutions for handling nearly any type of dry bulk solid, from fine powders to heavy ores.
Slide Gates – Quantum Series
* Orifice Gate: Dilute phase pneumatic or gravity flow;
* Roller Gate: Gravity flow;
* Clear Action Gate: Dilute phase pneumatic or gravity flow;
* HDPV2 Gate: Dense or dilute phase pneumatic, or gravity flow;
* Maintenance Gate: When maintenance of downstream equipment is required or if an upset condition occurs;
* Handslide Gate: Gravity flow;
* Quick Clean Gate: Gravity flow; and
* Iris Valve: Gravity flow.
Slide Gates – Titan Series
* Aggregate Gate: Gravity flow;
* Titan Slide Gate: Gravity flow;
* Titan Pressure Valve: Dense or dilute phase pneumatic, or gravity flow;
* Rounded Blade Gate: Gravity flow; and
* Titan Maintenance Gate: When maintenance of downstream equipment is required or if an upset condition occurs.
Diverter Valves – Quantum Series
* Wye Line Diverter: Dilute phase pneumatic or gravity flow;
* Seal Tite Diverter: Gravity flow;
* Flex Tube Diverter: Dilute phase pneumatic or gravity flow;
* Gravity Vee Diverter: Gravity flow;
* Fill Pass Diverter: Dilute phase pneumatic; and
* Multi-Port Diverter: For transferring dry bulk solid materials from any number of sources toward any number of destinations.
Diverter Valves – Titan Series
* Aggregate Diverter: Gravity flow;
* Titan Lined Diverter: Gravity flow; and
* Pivoting Chute Diverter: Gravity flow.
Loading solutions
* Loading Spout: For loading a variety of dry bulk solid materials into trucks, railcars, barges or stockpiles;
* Shiploading Spout: For loading grains into bulk carriers;
* Spout Positioning System: For repositioning a Vortex Loading Spout above a truck or railcar;
* In-Line Filtration System or Discharge Filtration System: For dust management at the point of loading;
* Aero-Slide Conveyor: For air-gravity transfer of lightweight, fluidizable dry bulk solid powders;
* Aero-Drum Valve: For metering flow through an Aero-Slide Conveyor;
* Aero-Slide Gate: For material shut-off in an Aero-Slide Conveyor; and
* Aero-Bin Bottom: For fluidizing lightweight dry bulk solid powders as they exit a storage bin, to prevent bridging.
Industries served
Vortex equipment is used in a wide range of industries, including aggregates, agriculture, aquaculture, cement, chemical, coal, coffee/tea, power & energy, food & beverage, industrial sand, milling, minerals & mining, pet food & animal feed, petrochemical, plastics, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, rubber, textiles, tobacco, wood & pulp, among others.
Vortex wins export award
Vortex Global Ltd., a solids and bulk handling components company, has been recognized by Solids Handling and Processing Association (SHAPA) with the 2019 Solids Handling Industry Export Award.
The award was presented on 8 May, at the SHAPA AGM & Solids Handling Industry Awards Dinner. The event was hosted at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Other companies honoured on the evening include Lontra, who received the Solids Handling Industry Innovation Award, and Spirotech, who was named the Solids Handling Industry Company of the Year.
Entry to these awards was open to all UK-registered, SHAPA member and non-member companies and institutions operating in the solids handling and processing industry. In order to be considered for each award, companies must have demonstrated achievement, improved sales success, or deployment of industry best practices.
Joining Vortex Global on the 2019 Export Award shortlist were Russell Finex and Vent-Tech.
Vortex Global’s award recognition is largely due to its demonstrated achievement in exportation activities. This includes a significant percentage increase in export sales, as well as successful entry into new global markets. Most notably, Vortex expanded markets into Finland and revised its sales strategy in the Middle East, contracting with new equipment representatives in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Qatar, as well as nearby Egypt. Vortex revised its sales strategy in Asia as well, contracting with a new equipment representative in India. In Central America, Vortex relocated its Latin America office from Pachuca, Mexico to Queretaro, Mexico. The move enhances transportation accessibility, in order to travel to clients throughout the region.
“We are grateful and honoured to be recognized by SHAPA with this award,” said Laurence Millington, managing director at Vortex Global Ltd. “This award embodies our employees’ dedication to providing solutions that truly enhance our customers’ dry bulk solids processes. The Vortex customer service and technical support network currently spans more than 120 international markets. Our goal is to continue exportation growth for the future, so that Vortex products and services are made available worldwide.”
SHAPA has been the UK’s foremost specialist Association for the solids handling and processing industry since its formation in 1981. SHAPA remains on the cutting edge of industry know­ledge, keeping abreast of the latest dry bulk material research, product develop­ments, and changing legislation across a wide range of solids and bulk handling technologies. Through regular meetings, guest speakers, awards, exhibitions and export assistance, SHAPA provides assistance and support to serve as an invaluable aid in promoting ideas and opportunities for business.