The Vollert plant engineering company specializes in the
intra-plant transport of dry bulk material, including coal. Since
1974, the company has delivered tailor-made, customized
Using these ‘robots’, it is possible to automate the loading
of rail wagons with coal and iron ore, for example. Loading
orders for a complete train start at a central host stand so
that the loading process is carried out fully automatically. The
train is pulled by means of the radio-controlled robot below
the loading hoppers. By so doing, the train speed adapts to
the train loading process. Due to the controlled travel speed,
the loading process is totally optimized in time. Each wagon
is loaded according to its relevant specific loading profile in its
optimum quantity (in terms of the load and volume limit).
  •   fully automatic operation from the first to the last wagon;
  •   maximum utilization of the load limit at specifically heavy bulk material > 98%;
  •   maximum utilization of the volume limit at specifically light bulk material > 95%;
  •   shorter loading times per wagon;
  •   lower transport charges due to the optimum use of the wagon’s capacity;
  •   uniform loading due to wagon-specific loading profiles.
The all-wheel operated robot is an ideal solution for
uncomplicated and cost-effective loading and shunting
Other arguments in favour of using this solution from
Vollert include lower operating expenses and significantly
reduced environmental pollution when compared with other
A simple operation and solid vehicle construction, as well
as many well-proven industrial components, ensure a safe and
efficient loading and shunting operation. Each robot is a
tailor-made individual product fitted the customer’s needs.