Logistics company Vollers Belgium wanted to be sure that it was making the right decision before it purchased equipment to load cargo from big bags into trucks. It has therefore spent six months evaluating the Dino bulk truck loader from Van Beek, so that it could be entirely certain about the operation of the machine.
It rented Van Beek’s Rental Dino so that it could see how it handled the loading of plastic granulate from big bags into silo trucks. Vollers Belgium is part of the Vollers Group, which is involved in weighing, mixing and transporting for example coffee, cocoa, bakery seeds, tobacco, cotton, wool, yarn and general cargo.
Mr Schoonis of Vollers Belgium in Antwerp explains.“Vollers Belgium is a separate division for general cargo. We have three terminals available in the port of Antwerp, in total 200,000m² for the storage of coffee, cocoa beans and plastic granulate. Together with our client we were looking for a solution for loading plastic path chips and discovered Van Beek’s Dino bulk truck loader on the company’s website.
“We wanted to test this machine first before making our purchase. That was quickly arranged, even for a short rental period. We are highly delighted by the simplicity of the machine! An added advantage for us is that the Dino is mobile and easy to move. Our staff found the tests were successful and our client is satisfied, we then proceeded to purchase a Dino Silverline.”
The Dino® DR300 SilverLine, which is used at Vollers Belgium for loading plastic granulate, is a standard turnkey bulk truck loader and is available from stock. The basic capacity is 40m³ per hour (or 80m³ per hour) and fully meets the CE standards, H&S legislation, labour protection regulations (ARAB) and so forth.