Voith extends TurboBelt TPXL family of fluid couplings for belt conveyors

  • Available in sizes 500 kW, 800 kW and 1250 kW
  • Compact design with high power transmission
  • Smart control technology for supreme connectivity and increased service life
Now available in sizes 800 and 1250, the Voith TurboBelt TPXL range only requires half the volume of conventional couplings to achieve the same force transmission.
Now available in sizes 800 and 1250, the Voith TurboBelt TPXL range only requires half the volume of conventional couplings to achieve the same force transmission.
HEIDENHEIM, Germany. Voith introduces the latest addition to its TurboBelt TPXL range of fill-controlled couplings. The portfolio now includes 500 kW, 800 kW and 1250 kW versions, combining hydrodynamics with intelligent control technology to optimize performance. The integrated controller matches the output torque exactly to the start-up parameters of the belt conveyor system, thus reducing wear and increasing service life. Due to its high power density, the TurboBelt TPXL range requires only half the volume of conventional couplings and therefore can be easily integrated into drive trains.

With its proven hydrodynamic drive principle, the Voith TurboBelt TPXL range of couplings has been a staple of the mining industry for years. Delivering a nominal torque from 1600 Nm to 7960 Nm, respectively, the new sizes TurboBelt 800 TPXL and TurboBelt 1250 TPXL open up an expanded range of applications. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in demanding environments and tasks, such as open-pit mining.

Wear-free, low maintenance coupling concept
The TurboBelt TPXL’s plug-and-play design allows for easy integration into established systems and drive trains and serves to significantly shorten commissioning times. The coupling concept consists of an integrated controller, an integrated oil pump and an oil supply unit, all of which are designed to perfectly work in tandem with each other. This lays the groundwork for accurate predictive maintenance to effectively keep the total cost of ownership low. The TurboBelt TPXL’s hydrodynamic operating principle enables wear-free power transmission without the need for a mechanical connection. In this way, the system’s lifespan is expanded and maintenance costs are decreased significantly.

Intelligent belt conveyor control
TurboBelt DriveControl, Voith’s state-of-the-art digital control system, was designed to work in conjunction with the TurboBelt TPXL’s integrated controller to meet even the most demanding requirements in belt conveyance. It allows seamless connection of drives, belt conveyors and components throughout the entire extraction process. In this way, TurboBelt DriveControl can handle even vast lengths of up to 20 km as well as vertical curves and tonnages of more than 12,000 t/h. The intelligent system features autonomous belt conveyor startup and stopping procedure, even for regenerative conveyors. In addition, it extends the belt’s service life by reducing mechanical stress and dynamic impact. To maintain reliable conveyor performance at all times, TurboBelt DriveControl also features active load sharing, one-drive off and hot stand-by declutching function.

Data-driven diagnosis ensures reliable operation
The system logs all operational data. In this way, the coupling can adjust its control behavior in accordance with previous empirical values to accommodate a specific load situation, for example. Based on the required torque for the belt and the basic start-up parameters, the coupling automatically calculates the optimum fill level and fills or drains the working circuit accordingly. The stored information can be utilized for self-diagnosis and remote maintenance. In addition, the controller monitors the coupling’s entire sensor system to ensure flawless operation at all times. Due to parametrization, no coding or programming skills are required on the part of the operator. The intuitive graphic HMI further adds to the TurboBelt’s outstanding ease-of-use.

About the company
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