ESL Shipping's second newbuilding, m/s Viikki arrived yesterday morning to Oxelösund, Sweden on her maiden voyage from Sakaide, Japan via Northeast Passage.
Her first arrival to Oxelösund was celebrated with the visit of ESL Shipping, Port of Oxelösund and SSAB representatives.
After discharging, she will join her sister vessel Haaga and rest of the fleet and begin her regular trade in the Baltic Sea.
Viikki's godmother Anne Lexelius from SSAB and Managing Director Mikki Koskinen, ESL Shipping.
ESL Shipping
ESL Shipping Ltd is the leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region. Our main clients are the power generation, steel and chemical industries to whom we carry raw materials such as coal, iron ore and limestone. ESL Shipping Ltd has been in business close to 70 years and is a subsidiary of Aspo Plc
Photo's courtesy of Lindblad Studio