It is with great sadness and emotion that VIGAN announces the death of Lucien Beauduin – Former CEO and Honorary Chairman of VIGAN Engineering — in March 2019, at the age of 87.
After his education as agricultural engineer (AIGx) followed by an MBA in the USA, Lucien Beauduin's career was built in a wide variety of sectors.
He started in the sugar beet industry at the Raffineries Tirlemontoises; he left a secure position to start a new venture with his son Charles Beauduin in the textile and electronic industries.
In 1989, Beauduin took over VIGAN and served as Chief Executive Officer for 15 years.
In 2004, he passed the operational leadership of VIGAN to Nicolas Dechamps, still the Managing Director today, and started a new career in the banking sector. He seconded his son in the construction of a €500m industrial group, the VANDEWIELE group.
VIGAN is especially indebted to Beauduin for his numerous investments in the factory in Belgium to improve and industrialise production. It is undoubtedly thanks to him that VIGAN is at the forefront of the global pneumatic unloader market.
But he will mostly be remembered for his vision, his charisma and leadership in sales and marketing.
More than a seasoned businessman, Lucien Beauduin was recognised by everyone as being passionate, nonconformist, benevolent, and anxious to help others.
VIGAN team will miss him and presents its deepest condolences to his wife and family.
VIGAN Engineering is part of the VANDEWIELE group, a major global manufacturer of weaving machines for carpets and velvets.