VIGAN Engineering S.A., a global expert in bulk handling solutions, has been at the forefront of the industry for over 55 years. With its headquarters in Nivelles, Belgium, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of handling equipment for dry bulk products, primarily focusing on agricultural commodities such as cereals. VIGAN’s extensive product portfolio includes pneumatic ship-unloaders, grain pumps, and turnkey solutions for complete port terminals. With an impressive 99% of its business exported, VIGAN has a strong global presence, with its equipment installed in ports around the world.
VIGAN’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the industry. The company offers a range of equipment tailored to specific port requirements. Grain pumps, compact and mobile machines, offer exceptional efficiency with peak outputs of up to 250tph (tonnes per hour). These pumps provide rapid implementation without the need for heavy mechanical handling investments. Additionally, VIGAN’s gantries, available in pneumatic and mechanical variants, cater to different capacity needs, with pneumatic gantries capable of reaching 800tph and mechanical gantries achieving throughputs of up to 1,500tph.
When it comes to customer priorities, VIGAN understands the significance of performance, energy efficiency, low noise levels, and ease of maintenance. The company consistently develops new technical solutions to meet these requirements while adapting to evolving industry demands. Notably, VIGAN has witnessed an increased emphasis on reducing dust emissions in recent years. With residential areas often encroaching industrial estates, VIGAN addresses this concern with its pneumatic suction technology. Their systems, featuring hermetically sealed components and overpressure filters, keep dust emissions to a minimum, achieving or even surpassing emission levels of approximately 3mg/m3.
Moreover, VIGAN recognizes the importance of noise reduction, particularly for port sites located in urban areas. By employing meticulous acoustic calculations and targeting noise sources, the company ensures that its equipment operates within acceptable noise limits. Through insulation measures, including acoustic panels, sound-optimized exhaust systems, and concrete matrices for noise reduction, VIGAN achieves noise level reductions of up to 15 decibels, proving their commitment to acoustic excellence.
VIGAN’s key strengths lie in its vertical integration, robust technology, engineering and development capabilities, and customer-centric services. Unlike many competitors relying on subcontractors, VIGAN maintains complete control over quality and planning by designing, manufacturing, and assembling all aspects of its machines in-house. This approach ensures high-quality standards and timely deliveries. The company’s commitment to robust and proven technology guarantees reliable operation, even in challenging conditions. With ongoing engineering and development efforts, VIGAN continues to introduce new technical solutions that outperform the competition.
Customer satisfaction is paramount to VIGAN, and their comprehensive after-sales service, integrated with spare parts sales, reflects this commitment. By offering flexible solutions, long-lasting components, and preventive maintenance programmes, VIGAN ensures that its machines operate at peak performance while minimizing the need for extensive technical expertise. The company maintains a strategic stock of spare parts to provide rapid assistance worldwide, even for machines from other brands.
In terms of recent innovations, VIGAN has focused on addressing noise-related challenges faced by port equipment operating in urban or environmentally sensitive areas. Through extensive research, calculations, and on-site measurements, VIGAN has developed expertise in designing noise protection systems for turbo sets, machine rooms, suction pipes, and other components, enabling them to provide efficient and compliant solutions for their customers.
With a strong track record of delivering reliable, high-performance bulk handling equipment, VIGAN Engineering S.A. continues to drive innovation and set new industry standards. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their technological prowess and extensive experience, positions them as a leading force in the global bulk handling industry.