Venice dry bulk operator Terminal Rinfuse Venezia, which is part of the Euroports group, has invested more than 600,000 in the construction of a new storage area dedicated to scrap and waste. The aim is to make the facility a reference point in the North Adriatic Sea for both these commodities.

It will be able to receive vessels from America, Northern Europe and Russia loaded with up to 30,000 tonnes of scrap. Not only will it serve the Veneto and Lombardy regions, but also central Europe by rail.

The project involved an area of 4,200m2, which now has a stockpile capacity of 30,000 tonnes adjacent to the quay. This is rail connected, while the quay has draught of up to 12 metres alongside. In addition to being able to purify wastewater, a mobile dust suppression system is also in place. Barry Cross