Checking product during processing is very important to maintain quality. But how do you safely take a representative sample without having to shut down the whole process? Van Beek has developed the Sample Screw for this purpose: an innovative sampler that is easy to clean.

This machine is ideal for taking representative product samples from containers, hoppers or in-line (for example after an outlet or in a discharge pipe). Using a small screw conveyor a sample of the material is taken safely from the product stream without disrupting the process. Even materials with poor running qualities can be controlled in this way because a screw is used.


Stringent hygiene requirements are not a problem for the Sample Screw. The sampler is easy to dismantle for quick and complete cleaning. It can be used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Samples can be taken for example of powders, flocks, granules, flakes, pellets and slurries. The sample size and frequency can be adjusted.


Van Beek’s sampler is driven by its own air motor or electric motor (with gear unit) and is easy to insert in the production line. Whether this involves bunkers, silos, hoppers or bulk transfer, in most cases little or no adjustments have to be made to the handling system. Only a small passage through the wall is enough to pass through the non-driven side of the Sample Screw. And should a minor adjustment be needed, then Van Beek’s years of experience in the process industry guarantees customized advice.