Contract signing at KenzFigee in Zaandam. F.l.t.r.: Mr. Arne Hubregtse of Spliethoff and Mr. Jan-Pieter Klaver of KenzFigee. 
KenzFigee, a well-established supplier and service provider of tailor-made marine cranes, offshore equipment and services, has been awarded a contract by Spliethoff for the delivery of two pipe handling gantry cranes for their two new build multipurpose DP2 B-type vessels, currently under construction at the Mawei Shipyard.
The two pipe handling gantry cranes are, in close collaboration with Spliethoff, specially developed and designed by KenzFigee to move pipes from a pipe handling platform to a position in the cargo hold and vice versa.
These specially designed electric driven gantry cranes will contain various unique features on a number of specific important areas of operation, among others: a specially designed anti-sway and semi-automatic movement system enabling the crane to operate unmanned in the cargo hold to further enhance safety and production especially during offshore operations; redundant power supply to improve reliability and availability and a special integrated interface with the hatch cover system to create more loading capacity. The pipe handling gantry cranes are removable. The two KenzFigee pipe handling gantry cranes will each have a SWL capacity of 140 tons, a width of 19.18 meters and a weight of 168 tons. The length of the cranes are adjustable for handling pipe sections of 12.5, 18 and 25 meters and can be configured to handle multiple pipes.
The gantry cranes will be built, assembled and tested at the premises of KenzFigee in Zaandam, the Netherlands, where after they will be disassembled into transportable parts and shipped to the Mawei Shipyard for installation on the B-type vessels in the course of the 1st quarter in 2021.
“This assignment further builds on our history of product excellence and technology innovations to provide clients smart solutions for their tailor-made equipment. We feel honored by Spliethoff’s confidence in KenzFigee, which resulted in this contract award”, says Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO KenzFigee.
Mr. Arne Hubregtse, Executive Board member of Spliethoff, comments: “Our state-of-the-art DP2 B-type vessels are, with their large intake and DP2 station-keeping ability of up to Bft 6, ideal for supplying large volumes and heavy cargo directly offshore. With the customized pipe handling gantry cranes we are able to safely and efficiently load and discharge pipes, both on and offshore. The knowledge and experience demonstrated by KenzFigee during the concept design phase gave us full confidence to choose KenzFigee as partner.”
About KenzFigee
Established in 1836, KenzFigee has designed and built more than 4,500 cranes and lifting solutions that fit the specific needs of its clients in the most demanding conditions. Based on our decades of experience, focus on innovation and client requirements, KenzFigee has become a leading supplier and service provider of reliable and durable tailor-made cranes and equipment for the worldwide marine, offshore and wind energy industries. At KenzFigee we take care of clients during the whole life cycle of the equipment. The experienced professionals provide design, engineering expertise and a variety of services, to support clients increasing operational efficiency and to minimize downtime of equipment.
KenzFigee is headquartered in Zaandam, the Netherlands and has branch offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
About Spliethoff
Established in 1921, Amsterdam headquartered Spliethoff operates a fleet of about 50 modern, Dutch flagged, 1A ice-classed, multipurpose vessels, ranging from 12,000 to 23,000 DWT. All vessels are equipped with removable tween decks and cargo cranes with capacities up to 1,200 tonnes in tandem lift. The fleet is constantly being renewed.
Spliethoff is member of The Spliethoff Group, operating a large and modern fleet of more than 100 vessels ranging from 2,100 to 23,000 DWT. This versatile fleet includes multipurpose, geared tween decks, heavy lift vessels, module carriers, semi-submersibles, short sea and Ro-Ro vessels.
Highly trained personnel in Spliethoff’s global office network, on board the ships and in ports all over the world are dedicated to maintaining stringent safety and quality standards.