Euroports Rauma Oy has placed orders for two new hydraulic cranes from the crane producer Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy. The cranes in question are 200DEM Dual Power hydraulic cranes equipped with a diesel motor and an electric motor.
With this investment, we prepare for the growth of the material streams in the future. The new cranes allow us to operate several ships at the same time. Thus, we can improve our ability to provide services even more, explains Petri Viinikkala, Technical Manager of Euroports.
The new cranes are more efficient than before, and they have been designed for the demands of today’s work. This investment guarantees more efficient workflow and at the same time, reflects our sustainable development goals, says Jarmo Kivi, Director of Security and Technical Services at Euroports.
The new cranes will grow the Lo-Lo handling capacity of the Euroports Rauma companies. These 200DEM Dual Power cranes are the first dual power cranes of this scale Mantsinen will produce.
The cranes create zero emissions when they are powered electrically, but diesel gives us the opportunity to use and move them from one place to another if an electrical connection is not available. This way we can guarantee uninterrupted operations, explains Patrik Starck, the Sales Director of Mantsinen’s Material Handling Machinery Business Unit.
The users closely involved with the process
Mantsinen assembles all the cranes they deliver fully assembled in the port area of Rauma and from there, they are shipped across the world by Euroports. The first of Euroports’ new cranes will be delivered by the end of 2022, and the second in mid-2023.
When we take the service life of the cranes into account, the investments will carry us far into the future. Key personnel have been involved since we started to determine the investment needs. They accounted for technical and functional features, such as the sizes of the ships and, as a result, the sizes of the cranes, Viinikkala says.
When the assembly stage begins, the crane users and maintenance personnel are able to study their characteristics more closely. This way they learn the functionalities and technical aspects from the very beginning. Our personnel are very involved with this process, Kivi adds.
With these cranes, Euroports can respond to the needs of their clients in a safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly way. With the renewable energy source, in this case electricity, the port operator can lower their CO2 emissions. It is a major part of Euroports’ sustainable development strategy.
Environmental issues are of paramount importance to us at Euroports and for our clients. These values support our investment decision. The costs of operations will also be lower, which directly benefits our clients as we can provide crane services at more cost-effectively than before. Fuel and maintenance costs are major expenses, and the maintenance needs for electrically powered machinery are significantly lower, says Viinikkala.