Recently, two GENMA grab cranes built by RHM for Mexican customers were successfully delivered. The equipment delivered this time will be mainly used for gripping operations for agriculture and mineral bulk cargo.
Each mechanism of GENMA crane adopts modular design, reasonable layout and has the characteristics of high efficiency, strong wind resistance, and easy manipulation. GENMA optimized the crane boom structure to further improve the rigidity and force transmission performance of the boom system and ensure the reliability of the equipment.
It is particularly worth mentioning that the equipment uses energy feedback technology. When the hoisting weight drops, the potential energy of the hoisting weight will be converted into electric energy for direct utilization, reducing the energy consumption of the crane, and meeting the environmental protection requirements of green energy conservation while maintaining the strong power of the equipment.
The successful delivery of this project marks a new step for RHM to enter the North American market. In the future, RHM will continue to focus on products and technologies, create more products with core competitiveness, and constantly create value for customers.