Work on Dock 13 at the Port of Trois- Rivie`res in Canada was completed at the end of November last year, a month ahead of schedule and under budget. Since December 2016, vessels have been able to call at the quay, and cargo has been stored in a total area of around 23,500m2 (5.81 acres).


As they had become outdated, Docks 13 and 14 had to be condemned in recent years. “With these works, we are giving back to the port the capacity that was lost with these two docks. This new dock will fully meet the real needs of our users. The port will also provide better access for companies in the region to exterior markets, and will contribute to the creation of jobs. The works on Dock 13 constitute the final element of the Cap sur 2020 plan, which the Port of Trois-Rivie`res has completed three years ahead of schedule,” Gae´tan Boivin, president and director general of the Port of Trois- Rivie`res proudly said.

“We are happy to provide an infrastructure which better meets the real needs of exporters. The new dock will have a depth of 11m, compared with the 10.7m at our other docks. This new depth puts us in a privileged situation where we can handle ships that draw more water. The external storage facilities located adjacent to the dock are modern and offer a significant load bearing capacity,” said Michel Parent, director of operations.

The construction works at Terminal 13 included the demolition of the hangar, the reconstruction of Dock 13, the consolidation of Dock 14 and the development of the external storage facilities situated along the docks in such a way as to maximize road and rail access to the infrastructure. This project has also necessitate the construction of Hangars 16, 24 and 25 to replace Hangar 13 which had come to the end of its useful life and had to be demolished to make place for the new terminal.

These projects represent an investment of $50m, financed jointly by the Canadian government ($16.2m), the Trois-Rivie`res Port Authority ($19m) and the private sector ($15m).