The new DustBoss® DB-100 Tower produces millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute.
A global innovator in open area dust control has introduced a new addition to its family of tower-mounted units, a massive suppressor that can project an engineered mist over a distance of more than 100 metres (328 feet), dramatically extending droplet hang time and range, while delivering more precise aiming. Complementing a product line that already includes two existing tower-mounted units, the new DustBoss® DB-100 Tower produces millions of 50–200 micron droplets per minute — which can be targeted directly at dust-generating activities — helping large commercial operations achieve superior control and prevent particles from migrating off-site. The huge atomized misting cannon can be specified on a tower as tall as 30 feet (9.1 metres) for a proven turnkey dust suppression solution, with a fraction of the water usage of hoses and sprinklers.
BossTekTM developed the line-up of tower designs to address operations that can benefit from the ability to target specific dust-generating activities, as well as large facilities needing even greater range and coverage areas. They are well suited for port facilities, slag handling, aggregate processing, recycling operations and coal handling.
“The tower mounts can deliver a focused mist right to the areas where dust is created, suppressing airborne and ground-level particles before they have a chance to migrate,” commented BossTek Sales Manager Mike Lewis. “This allows the DustBoss units to concentrate virtually their entire output directly on the source of the problem.” Designed to withstand wind loads of at least 100mph, the towers are constructed of carbon steel pipe, with hot-dip galvanizing to resist corrosion.
Once installed, users have two options for raising and lowering the tower. The manual jack has a long rotating handle attached, allowing operators to change the height from the ground. When fitted with the optional electric jack, changes can be made via the control panel or remote control unit. With motion limits set by the software, the operator simply activates the jack until it reaches the desired position, allowing quick and easy adjustments to accommodate weather changes or specific work activities. 
The heavy-duty DB-100 design features flange-mounted towers, which can be secured directly into concrete. The large diameter allows hoses and power cords to be routed inside for protection and a ‘cleaner’ appearance. Climbing rungs, work platforms, booster pumps and additive metering systems are all available as options.
A family of three
The DB-100 Tower joins two other designs that have already proven successful in a wide range of applications. The DustBoss DB-60 was BossTek’s flagship model for over a decade, until engineers perfected the larger design. The DB-60 is based on the same atomized mist technology, with an industrial-strength 25HP motor that generates 30,000cfm (nearly 850 cubic metres per minute) of air flow. A 10HP (7.5KW) booster pump elevates water pressure in the DB-60 as high as 200 psi for outstanding particle suppression. Like the rest of the tower-mount family, it can be outfitted with a dosing pump to accurately meter in dust/odour-control additives.
For smaller operations, the DustBoss DB-30 Tower outperforms its size, capturing dust particles more effectively than many larger machines. Like its bigger cousins, it features a ring of 30 specially-designed nozzles that atomize the water supply to droplets between 50 and 200 microns in size for maximum particle attraction.
On all three models, the ducted fan design has an adjustable throw angle from 0–50° elevation and standard oscillation up to 359°. With a range of more than 30 metres (~100 feet), it delivers exceptional coverage from a standard 5/8” garden hose.
Because of its compact size, the DB-30 can be an extremely effective solution for indoor locations or confined spaces. The machines come with a pre-filter featuring quick cam release for easy access, and they can be set up to run potable or non-potable water.
To further customize a dust solution for individual customer sites and conditions, any of the fan-driven units can be modified to address specific particle sizes or service environments. “In some applications such as slag handling, the dust particles can be so small that they are more effectively managed with smaller droplets,” Lewis observed. “In other situations, reduced flow may be preferred to protect moisture-sensitive materials.”
To maximize dust capture, the company can apply its Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) technology to match the droplets and water delivery to the dust particle size. “The most effective suppression takes place when the dust particles and droplets are roughly the same size,” he reminded.
The ability to network multiple machines and/or automate the on-off cycles can also be a big advantage to large operations. “Automated units can be operated from a single hand-held remote to conserve resources and avoid over-saturation, with the units running only during dust-generating activity,” Lewis explained. The radio-powered remote control allows rapid start-up or adjustment of the machines by a single operator, without any manual contact.
In fully-automated systems, the network can even be equipped with sensors that track wind and weather details, with customized software and programmable logic control. Driven by proprietary software, the resulting ‘intelligent’ systems can be programmed to manage start/stop cycles based on dust monitor readings, motion sensors or weather input. The technology allows users of DustBoss equipment to automatically adjust elevation, oscillation range and other features on any number of machines to improve suppression efficiency and free up manpower for other tasks.
The tower units provide a versatile, customizable dust control solution. Spraying the worksite from above, they help prevent nuisance particles from entering the air stream, greatly reducing the possibility of fugitive dust. With the number of tower sizes and available options, the systems can be customized to suit the needs of specific applications and locations.
BossTek is globally recognized and respect in dust- and odour-management solutions for ports & shipping, mining, rock and aggregates, demolition, recycling, food processing and other applications. The company’s DustBoss and OdorBoss® product lines help reduce labor costs vs. manual sprays, freeing up manpower for more important tasks. The automated units also use less water than hoses and sprinklers, with some customers realizing payback in less than six months and netting an annual cost savings of more than $50,000.