– Autonomous BWSR (Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer)

– Hybrid Train Load Out Station (TLO)
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is strengthening its portfolio of digitalized solutions for bulk materials handling. Identifying the challenges faced by customers seeking better operating performance, less wear on equipment and more safety, the company has developed solutions that integrate software and hardware, allowing insights through data analysis to improve the operation and maintenance of machines and systems.
"4.0 solutions can greatly contribute to the increase of operational efficiency in the mining sector. That is why we at thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies have organized our automation and digitalization expertise in our competence centers in India and Germany”, says Jan Lueder, CEO of thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies. “To specifically address today’s bulk materials handling challenges we have developed smart stockyard and smart port solutions that bring very specific benefits to our customers.”
Autonomous Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer (BWSR)
– Around 20% productivity gain and up to 25% longer equipment life
thyssenkrupp’s autonomous BWSR improves the use of dry bulk yards, optimizing the material handling with a productivity gain of around 20% - when compared to conventional operations - and a 25% longer equipment life, due to the stability of the operation provided by advanced automation. Consequently, the autonomous solution contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, because energy consumption is also enhanced.
Radar and laser sensors scan the pile surface and predict the volume to be reclaimed
The autonomous reclaimer operates with an advanced anti-collision system
"The algorithms we have developed work with parameters that make the equipment work at its highest performance, without moments of under-utilization of the buckets - which lead to loss of productivity - or peaks of operation that cause stress and fatigue. We also avoid unnecessary production stops, which are generally an operational bottleneck", explains Martin Krex, Global Product Manager Automation & Digitalization at thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies.
Hybrid Train Load Out Station (TLO)
– Artificial Intelligence for more efficient train loading
For companies that operate with bulk materials, such as ores or coal, thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies has developed a Train Load Out Station (TLO) that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to improve loading accuracy. The system, called Hybrid TLO, combines volumetric and gravimetric type of operation and opens new options for fast and precise logistics. It allows loading ore at an average rate of 16 thousand tons per hour with great precision and manages to reduce the wagon loading time.
Sensors, radars and GPS work to improve bulk loading accuracy
The Mining Technologies business unit supplies a full range of machinery, systems, equipment and services for the extraction, processing, storage and transportation of raw materials. In collaboration with our customers in the mining and minerals sectors throughout the world we develop custom, forward-looking solutions that enhance productivity and allow natural resources to be used responsibly and efficiently.