Three Cleveland Cascades loading chutes are now in constant use at ADM Ama Louisiana in New Orleans, USA, where they are used to handle a variety of grain cargoes.
The chutes, commissioned in October 2018, are its 1700 size systems at 39.62 metres extended and 11.62 metres retracted. The chutes are designed for loading from a fixed head chute and are operated via a remotely mounted drum type hoist system.
The cascade chute are fitted with a comprehensive suite of electrical components necessary for safe operation and control, providing signalling for any potential blockages. All of the functions provide feedback to the control system for the shiploader with safety limits being interlocked with the conveyor system feeding the chute.
The systems are in place to handle wheat, soy beans, milo, corn, corn meal and DDG at a maximum capacity of 3,000 cubic metres per hour. The head chute deflectors are lined with 6mm ceramic tiles and cones lined with 4mm ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance.
Each of the chutes was supplied with a 360° trimming spout with a 3.96m outreach from the chute centre line with manual adjustment for spout inclination used to adjust material trajectory for differing materials.
The chutes can be used for loading both with the shroud up and the shroud down for viewing of the material flow, initial loading of small barges and full loading into typical vessel hatches.
Global expert in bespoke dry bulk loading chutes
Cleveland Cascades is a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke dry bulk loading chutes. Based in the North East of England, the company has built a population of over 650 systems, working in bulk handling facilities worldwide.
Cleveland Cascades is best known for its Cascade controlled flow technology chute, which uses a series of inclined cones, inside a retractable cover, to control dust pollution at source, while at the same time minimising both material degradation and segregation. This technology has established the company as a global force in ship and silo loading chutes.
The company’s range of free fall chutes, complement the Cascade and have applications in tanker loading, vehicle loading as well as ship & silo loading.
Cleveland Cascades has developed a worldwide reputation for quality, well-engineered, robust, high performance chutes, backed up by excellent customer service and global lifetime product support.