For more than 60 years, Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG – SMAG for short – with its product, PEINER grabs, has been renowned for quality and customer satisfaction in the field of bulk goods handling.

The wide range of products, from hydraulic grabs through electro-hydraulic grabs to mechanical rope grabs, allows SMAG to provide the appropriate answer to every customer request.


The handling volume of the grabs ranges from 0.1 to 60m3. Much larger grabs are already at the project stage. Owing to SMAG’s many decades of expertise in development and construction of grabs, its customers have put their trust in the company and relied on PEINER grabs particularly in the difficult market situation of recent years. To further develop this expertise, the company makes above-average investments in the research and development of products. Thus new designs and alternative materials are continuously brought into serial production. An example of the current development is an orange peel grab with a capacity of 56m3 and a weight of 30 tonnes. The goal of SMAG is to continuously improve its products while taking into account the requirements of the market.

At SMAG, the customer is always in the centre of attention. The size, shape and dead weight of grabs may vary and, therefore, be tailored in every respect to the needs of customers. PEINER grabs are adapted both for lifting devices and for each application to always find an optimal solution. The large product range also allows to serve customers in

countries with weak infrastructure. The company’s radio- controlled single-rope grab is particularly suitable in this case, because it is not only compatible with many lifting devices (a simple crane hook is enough), but also impresses with its user- friendliness and versatility. Using spill and kick plates, the grab can be adapted for a variety of bulk materials. Thus, within a very short time, any deck crane can be used for bulk goods handling without additional

equipment. An external power supply is not required.

The maintenance is reduced to a minimum thanks to the use of high- quality materials such as HARDOX and WELDOX in combination with an optimized design. It keeps the life-cycle costs as low as possible. A modular design allows the use of standard parts in different grab models, which greatly simplifies the storage and results in faster response times in the production of new machines and after-sales management. Thanks to the intelligent design, SMAG is also able to match up high grab capacities with low dead weight.

A very important factor in the entrepreneurial thinking is the issue of environmental protection and sustainability. Environmental protection does not begin only when the grab is finished. Both at the work preparation stage and in the production process, care is taken to reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, SMAG strives to keep the environmental impact associated with the use of grabs as small as possible. A number of features make it possible to minimize the loss of bulk materials. In addition to dust covers, they include special sealing systems on the side and bottom lips. The use of steel sealing strips, rubber-sealed lips, overlapping bottom and side lips or special side toothing prevents bulk materials from trickling down. In contrast to the competitors, SMAG’s four- rope dual scoop grabs are also designed with just one, rather than two scoop pivot points. This results in such movement of scoops that ensures a synchronous closing and excludes any offset between scoops.

For many years now, the use of water- based paints and the option of a central lubrication system also provide a further contribution to environmental protection. The harmonious matching of electrical and hydraulic components allows the use of smaller motors than those in models of other suppliers. The energy usage per tonne of processed bulk is, therefore, kept as low as possible.

KRÖGER Hydraulic grabs for dry cargo in harbours: fast and efficient 


Last year, when KRÖGER Greifertechnik supplied a hydraulic grab with a newly designed sprocket to the company FORSEN for the Turkish harbour at Izmir, no one had anticipated the momentousness of this test-supply.

FORSEN was so thrilled by this hydraulic sprocket that it requested KRÖGER to retrofit an ‘old’ grab, which still had the conventional hydraulic rotator, with this highly robust system. Using only an 8m3 hydraulic multi-jaw grab, type KMH, an average of 40,000 tonnes of bulk goods is handled in one day — and that too working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a reason why FORSEN, along with the major mobile crane manufacturer SENNEBOGEN, loves to work with KRÖGER: for over 50 years, KRÖGER has been manufacturing innovative cable, motor-powered and hydraulic grabs and, hence, completely and uncompromisingly relies on a combination of quality and high tech. By now, KRÖGER has made its way into almost all harbours in Europe and many harbours all over the world. Wherever there are high demands in terms of materials and technology, grabs from the house of KRÖGER are indispensable: grabs, made in Germany. The numerous innovations and the absolute zero-maintenance of many models have made the company a market favourite in many countries.

KRÖGER has earned its international reputation primarily through its hydraulic grabs. There is an ever-increasing demand in inland harbours and seaports for grabs of this type, which are basically equipped with an end-of-stroke damping at the time of opening the jaws to avoid hard impacts that spread to the entire crane. More recently, it has become the company’s trademark to apply the principle of zero-maintenance to its large grabs as well. This feature has become the specialist company’s USP the world over. More and more large handling machines and mobile cranes are now fitted with hydraulic clamshell and multi-jaw grabs of types KZH and KMH from Germany.

And, as always, efficiency remains the key word in the world of bulk goods handling. KRÖGER grabs with hydraulic technology contribute manifoldly to this requirement in handling machines: speed, along with extremely long service life, are the important and by now globally recognized factors. Optimal utilization of the load bearing capacity of the machine through weight-optimized design of the hydraulic grab and, hence, the ability to handle maximum possible bulk loads is another factor. Also, the wide range of requirement-specific grab types and sizes — from the smallest hydraulic series grabs to customized large grabs — has a bearing on profitability and efficiency in ‘every lift’.

What began as an experiment at the innovative grab manufacturer KRÖGER in Turkey is now installed in almost all KRÖGER hydraulic grabs: an in fact conventional but newly designed and improved, rather oversized sprocket technology, which is so safe and robust that it can now sustain the highest possible loads. Through this ‘simpler’ technology, it became possible to more than double the axial load-carrying capacity.

Another advantage of this robust component: the new KRÖGER sprocket is extremely user- friendly, as it has been designed using commercially available parts that can be easily replaced (on one’s own), e.g. the hydraulic motor. What is different in the new system? As a result of this sprocket technology, the sealing elements are now separated from the bearing, that is the load bearing capacity is now delinked from the hydraulic circuit. This mainly benefits the impact loading of a grab and, thus, significantly increases the service life. At the same time, through this system the torque is distributed to several points, which makes movement a lot safer.

The result: a ‘tank-like’ robustness owing to reduced hydraulics without any compromise in terms of performing highly challenging tasks for longer durations and with no complaints so far. And the experiment at FORSEN has clearly shown: what works in Turkey, works everywhere.

Wide range of grabs from Shanghai Global Machinery Co., Ltd (SGMC) 
Shanghai Global Machinery Co., Ltd (SGMC) specializes in the manufacture of grabs. SGMC has high-level employees specialized in hydraulic-technology and technicians with over 10 years’ experience in grab design, development, and manufacturing. The company’s grabs are widely applied to industries such as: shipping, ports, power stations, steel plants, refuse incineration plants, railways, cement, chemical engineering, paper marking, dredging, salvaging, etc. 

SGMC puts great emphasis on technology development. It continuously studies and absorbs the advanced technologies and design ideas from international leading countries such as The Netherlands and Germany.

The company is committed to improving grab handling efficiency and reducing failure rates: the deadweight to payload ratio for mechanical grabs is up to 1:2.2, remote- control grab-trouble-free operation to 8,000 hours, electric hydraulic-grab-trouble-free operation to 5,000 hours. The company’s export products have obtained CCS, NK, BV, LR certifications and qualify overseas customer to receive international warranty services. 

SGMC owns several patents and could effectively solve problems occurring during loading/unloading. Scrape-drag- plate grab for nickel ore is one of the company’s innovations. It overcomes the difficulties of material sticking, falling and losing and thus could increase productivity up to 50%.

SGMC is also experienced in R&D, design and fabrication of hydraulic systems according to customer needs. In addition, the company acts as a sales agency for various kinds of imported hydraulic components.

SGMC product scope:


  • model types: remote-control grab, electric hydraulic-grab, rope mechanical grab, air-powered grab, electric grab, hydraulic-grab.
  • application and appearance: dredging grabs, salvage grabs, timber grabs, multi-petal grabs, clamshell grabs, orange peel grabs, steel scrap grabs, leak-resistant grabs, trash-racking grabs, stem- grass grabs, pull-out grab, underwater grabs.
  • capacity: from 0.5 to 200m3 (crane SWL).  
  • Over 300 kinds of grabs.
J&B Grabs: more than just standard buckets 
J&B Grabs (Utrecht,The Netherlands) specializes in two-rope, four-rope and hydraulic grabs. It offers clamshells and orange peel grabs in sizes requested by the customer. If the customer requires, for example, a 600-litre or 45m3 grab, J&B can make the right grab for the job. The company uses 3-D design and Femap strength calculations to ensure optimal results.

Grabs come in all shapes and sizes, because every bulk material has its own sets of demands. J&B translates these demands, together with customer-specific needs into the most efficient grab. Its products offer an ideal combination of capacity, grab strength and low costs per tonne loaded.

Some of the company’s recent projects are illustrated here. Below: a special hydraulic clamshell for dredging. The unit has a capacity of 7m3, and grab weight of 7.4 tonnes. It offers high closing forces for the most extreme conditions. The grab was created with input from the customer, and considering a variety of options.

Above: this project shows J&B’s global reach. Shown are two two-rope orange peel grabs for the Middle East region, to be used to handle stone and rock. The capacity is 4m3, with a weight of 8.5 tonnes per piece.

Below: an artist’s impression of one of the three horizontal profiling grabs that J&B will supply to a European dredging company. These clamshells are designed to leave a horizontal profile after digging 30cm of polluted soil, or just to leave a flat surface. Capacity of 4m3, weight 6.7 tonnes, and footprint 13.5m2

SENNEBOGEN grabs and quick changing devices – an ideal amendment

SENNEBOGEN stands for over 60 years for innovative solutions in material handling and crane technology. With its own line of grabs SENNEBOGEN will present a multitude of specially developed attachments at the bauma 2013 exhibition, that are exclusively designed for its machines.


Six different quick-change devices are available for the SENNEBOGEN material handling machines. The scope starts with simple quick-change couplings and extends to ingenious automatic change devices Toolmatic and Vario Tool. The control system Tool Control ensures simple and safe working and an optimal configuration of the hydraulic parameters of up to ten attachments.


The orange peel grab SENNEBOGEN SMG is available in various versions and shell forms especially balanced onto SENNEBOGEN material handling machines. In response to customer demand, four- and six-shell versions are available. In practice, the new orange peel grabs achieve capacity from 400 litres up to 5,000 litres especially through optimized hydraulic, long-life cycle and various options from endless rotary device with electrical feedthrough over smart detecting devices up to additional shackles.

With the new clamshell SENNEBOGEN SGZ, SENNEBOGEN offers an individual solution for each bulk material. Proof closing forage shells, wood chips-shells or specialized versions for use under water and demanding operating are available according to customer‘s requirements. Capacities ranging from 1,000 litres up to 6,000 litres are available for every machine.

The new product line of the SENNEBOGEN grabs is completed with the timber grab S-HHG with a capacity up to 4m2 and scrap magnets up to 5 tonnes empty weight, in combination with the new hydraulically driven SENNEBOGEN generator system. Further attachments, hooks and grab lengthenings are also available.


Six new quick-change devices


  • default quick change couplings for non-dripping-coupling and simplest mounting of the grab hoses;
  • SENNEBOGEN mechanical/hydraulic coupling device with mechanical quick change-mounting bracket for changing tools without unbolting;
  • diverse attachment possibilities at the ULM-stick;
  • fully hydraulic change device at short ULM-stick for safe changing of the attachments; fully hydraulic change device for fast and save
  • Toolmatic: changing within seconds; and fully hydraulic change device for the use of big
  • Vario Tool: scrap metal shears.


SENNEBOGEN orange peel grab SGM:


  • specially developed orange peel grab with half-opened and closed shell-profiles;
  • rotor with electricity feed-through, detector system and welded shackles as further options;
  • 4-shell-version with capacities of 400 litres up to 2,000 litres and maximum lifting capacities of 10 tonnes. Specially designed for usage on SENNEBOGEN machines; and
  • 5/6-shell-version with capacities of 400 litres up to 5,000 litres and maximum lifting capacities of 15 tonnes. Specially designed for use on SENNEBOGEN machines.




  • double shell loading grab in diverse variants, beginning with proof closing forage shells up to wood chip shells and reinforced versions with changeable blades; and
  • capacities from 1,000 litres up to 6,000 litres and maximum lifting capacities of 15 tonnes.


SENNEBOGEN timber grab type S-HHG


  • optimal for strong applications in timber loading with clamping construction and high-tensile wearing profiles; and
  • capacities from 0.8m2 sqm up to 4m2 and lifting capacities of 10 tonnes.


Further attachments and magnets are also available.