When there is feed to be shifted, the logistics must work – that view is firmly held by
Hendrix UTD, one of the largest producers of animal feed in the Netherlands. In the
inland port of Deventer, vast quantities of feed are unloaded every day from ship to silo
to ensure that farmers and stockbreeders are kept well supplied. The linchpin of the
system that keeps goods moving is the stationary AHL850 material handling machine
from Terex® Fuchs. In close consultation with the experts and service partners at Terex
Fuchs, the machine was carefully configured for use at Hendrix UTD.
The emissions-free and extremely powerful electric motor enables up to 2.2m3 of
feed to be unloaded every 25 to 30 seconds.
Thanks to the well-thought-out design with four-point mounting of the base and
additional weights for maximum stability, the machine is extremely stable and yet can
be readily repositioned with a crane. So with its first 1,500 hours of use behind it,
Hendrix UTD is happy to issue a positive verdict: the AHL850 combines quiet
operation with outstanding performance and is both reliable and cost-efficient to run.
  • a clean powerhouse: 35.0t operating weight, powerful electric motor with 132kW for the hydraulic main drive;
  • handles large quantities with ease: 15m box-type boom (optionally also with straight or cranked boom) with capacious 2,200-litre double-clamshell grab;
  • speedy operation: 2 to 2.5 loading cycles per minute — fast enough to unload one 1,000-tonne inland waterway vessel every day;
  • quiet power: very little vibration and ultra-quiet operation thanks to perfectly attuned electric motor and hydraulics;
  • stable and yet flexible: four-point mounting to the base with additional concrete weights, can easily be moved by crane;
  • well protected: each stabilizer plate is fitted with a damper to prevent both damage to the steel structure from knocks and transmission of vibration;
  • well-thought-out design: ready availability of spare parts because the AHL850 has many components in common with the mobile diesel series model MHL350;
  • cost efficient: low operating costs since the main motor is used only for the hydraulics with separate activation of additional functions; and
  • excellent ergonomics: joystick operation for enhanced visibility and safety.