With the erection of the final two aluminium domes, Temcor’s total order
for five bulk storage domes at Hyundai Steel’s newest plant will be complete.
The plant, in Dangin, South Korea will hold its grand opening on 8 April this
year. The project represents one of Temcor’s largest contracts in its 45-year
The order from Hyundai Steel called for Temcor to design, manufacture and
erect three 120m-diametre iron ore storage domes and two 130m domes for
iron ore blending. The first three domes were completed in June 2009. Temcor
will complete the final two domes, one 120m and one 130m, this June.
“Hyundai had a very specific timeline for us to complete our portion of the
plant,” said Clark Margolf, executive V.P. at Temcor. “We’re proud
to say that we have beat that timeline, while other areas of the
project have experienced delays.” When fully operational, the
plant is expected to produce eight million tonnes of steel per
year. Dangjin is approximately 123km south of Seoul.
Using Temcor’s unique ‘Center Tower Erection’ saved valuable
construction time. Each dome was given an erection schedule of
five months, however Temcor ships the domes ready-to-assemble
and, the erection is complete much faster than with a traditional
scaffold erection. Installation of each dome was done in less
than three months. Additionally, the domes are erected with
smaller crews than are required for other methods.
All five domes were custom-designed to accommodate
stacker-reclaimer systems and other equipment. Manufacturing
was done at Temcor’s facility Rincon, Georgia facility.
A local Korean construction team has erected the domes with the
expertise of a Temcor construction consultant.
Temcor aluminium dome systems for the bulk storage industry are in
place worldwide. Temcor has been building aluminium domes and other
structures for more than 40 years and has more than 8,000 installations
throughout the world in industries as varied as water and wastewater
treatment, petroleum, and scientific research. Temcor domes and roof
systems for architectural applications are in place as sports arenas, cruise
terminals, planetariums, churches, and more.