With the demand for grain exports increasing over the last number of years, UK-based Telestack has been at the forefront in providing custom-designed solutions for this important sector. Telestack has extensive experience in the handling of specialist applications and offers a range of truck unloader and telescopic/cambered boom shiploaders custom-designed to handle specialist products — without compromising the all- important tonnage!

Philip Waddell, international sales manager for Telestack, explains,“There are many considerations when handling grain, barley, wheat and oilseeds. Degradation of material by over handling, dust emissions, product contamination and potential flammability of material are all considerations of the application that need to be incorporated into the design. This is in addition to the necessary functionality of the unit — achieving high throughput, site parameters, mobility, trimming and loading requirements as well as other options and features specific to the individual client requirements. We have almost 20 grain handling units working in Ukraine alone and are working on several others.”

The Telestack telescopic and cambered boom shiploading and truck unloader range offers a complete raft of solutions and reference sites for those handling specialist products such as grain. Multi-national Nibulon has a fleet of ten Telestack TS 227 shiploaders as an integral part of a multi-billion dollar grain transshipment project in Ukraine. This investment arose from the growing export demands for barley, wheat and oilseeds, especially to Japan and Asia. On a single mobile chassis, each 

TS 227 parallel/radial telescopic conveyors consisted of key functions including rail-mounted parallel travel, radial slewing, luffing and telescopic features winning the ‘Best Shiploading System’ category at the International Bulk Journal awards.

The undoubted success of these units was clearly demonstrated when the customer placed several repeat orders to facilitate the expansion of other river terminals throughout the Ukraine. Telestack has also supplied a 500tph (tonnes per hour) × 80 metre radial telescopic mobile shiploader and wheel mounted truck unloader for Nika Tera grain terminal in Nikolaev. Supported by the Ukrainian dealerYTS,Telestack in the last few months has also commissioned a new TS550 parallel rail-mounted telescopic shiploader and HF 521 hopper feeder to stevedoring company Transervic, which operates in the Port of Illichivisk.

Prior to the arrival of theTS 550,Transervic had been using gantry cranes which were slow, costly and unreliable. In contrast the Telestack shiploader gave superior reliability, increased capacity as well as lower operating and maintenance costs. Incorporating features such as a parallel travel system (utilizing existing jetty rails), radial function for trimming of hatches, luffing (from 14° to 27° allowing it to work hatches on board a Panamax vessel) and dust containment system (through the incorporation of a Cleveland Cascade chute with 360° trimmer), the TS 550 is electrically powered thereby cutting out unnecessary diesel fumes. In terms of productivity, it can load up to 600tph of grain at a density of 0.7t/c2. The shiploader is mostly handling grain but the multi-functionality has also meant that it has been used to handle soya beans as well as cake and meal for animal feed.

Commercial director Malachy Gribben continues,“Our success is in our experience. We have managed such a vast portfolio of applications across the globe and have such a wide range of products and options to draw upon, that when it comes to providing solutions, chances are we have already solved the problem! Our team of sales and design specialists work closely with the client to understand their needs and incorporate design solutions specific to their application requirements and site limits.This is one of the reasons why we continue to win reoccurring contracts across the globe.”

Telestack has always been renowned throughout the industry for the quality of its machines and has recently been awarded UKAS accreditation covering the following recognized global standards; ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management). This is in addition to its existing accreditation to ISO 9001 (Quality Management). The Telestack Integrated Management System (IMS) ensures that anything which has an effect on overall business performance is monitored, actioned and improved as a natural part of the company’s business culture.

With a proven global record Telestack continues with its successful implementation of integrated solutions that perform not only in terms of tonnage but also fulfil the key deliverables of functionality and handling of material during all elements of the process. With a range of grain reference sites and clients from around the world, Telestack can deliver increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency in all operations.

Telestack specializes in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems. 

Telestack has a global proven record in a range of applications including the coal, mining and quarry industries, stockyard management, ports and inland terminals, power stations, rail yards, steel mills, cement kilns and many other bulk material handling industries.

Its mobile solutions offer significant operating cost savings compared with traditional methods of material handling (wheel loaders, haul trucks, static conveyors), as well as providing environmental, health and safety and other benefits. Other significant benefits include not requiring planning permission due to product mobility and flexibility to move Telestack products to work on other projects.