Recently Symaga completed the assembly works of 4 hopper silos, which will soon become part of Legumbres Pedro´s new facilities in Alcalá de los Gazules, Cadiz, Spain, equipped with state of the art technology, which is planned to be inaugurated in the coming months.
The silos of Symaga have been designed for the main purpose of storing and preserving the legumes quality before processing.
The orders include accessories mainly aimed at protecting the product, such as roof vents for fumigation, which provide a perfect grain aeration with constant air flows ; and at the same time the special sealing foam for the silo roof to avoid the entry of rain or snow and to succesfully carry out fumigation treatments.
Other accessories that prevent segregation, grain breakage and dust creation is the grain stopper system, a system composed by channels and deflector plates. The silos also include sensors to detect maximum level, in this sense rotative sensors have been installed, that are very sensitive ; as well as membrane sensors to detect minimum level, very robust, do not require power and they incorporate a regulation column which allows adjusting of sensitivity.
Symaga would like to congratulate Legumbres Pedro for this great project and would like to thank you for your confidence on us. At Symaga we always looking forward to adding on avant-garde references in Spain.