The Sunda is the first ocean-going vessel from an overseas port to dock at the Port of Trois-Rivie`res in 2017. It reached the port on 8 January, at 6:51pm, following an 11-day non- stop Atlantic crossing. It left the Port of Bilbao in Spain on 28 December last year.

During the 51st ceremony marking the arrival of the first vessel of the year at the Port of Trois-Rivie`res, the captain and the ship’s chief engineer, Ioannis Sevastou and Delfin Mendoza Do Chavez were presented with a gicle´e reproduction of the painting A` bon port, by Mauricie artist Caroline St-Pierre.

Cle´o Marchand, Chairmain of the Board of the Trois- Rivie`res Port Authority (TRPA), explains that a few other vessels have docked at the Port since 1 January, but none qualified for the title. Indeed, it must be an ocean-going vessel that departs from an overseas port, makes a non-stop crossing to Trois-Rivie`res and performs an unloading operation at the port.”


The Sunda flies the Liberian flag. It is operated by Seastar Shipmanagement and chartered by Canfornav Ltd. During its stay in Trois-Rivie`res, it is represented by the Lower St- Lawrence Ocean Agencies Ltd., while the cargo loading is handled by G3.

The Sunda and its twenty Greek and Filipino crew members came to Trois-Rivie`res to load Canadian grain. The ship remained moored in section 16 during its three-day call. Built in 2010, the bulk cargo vessel is 186 metres in length and 23.75 metres in width with a load capacity of 29,800 metric tonnes.


Gae´tan Boivin, president and CEO of the TRPA, notes: “The crews accomplish amazing feats by navigating on the St. Lawrence River in the winter, even though the ships are equipped for this.” The ships have a reinforced hull, an adapted engine that heats the water used by its cooling

system (to prevent ice build-up) and are equipped with high-performance navigation systems, like radar, to detect the presence of ice. They must also lighten their cargo.


The Port of Trois-Rivie`res is a rapidly expanding strategic port, open year round, providing tailored solutions for the transshipment of bulk products and general cargo.

The port also has excellent railway and road connections linking it to all the main North American networks and enabling it to reach one of the largest markets in the world. It plays an important role in regional national and international economic development.