In July 2010, Rulmeca Tianjin Co. Ltd completed the
delivery of rollers for the second phase of the
important project of China Resources Cement (Huarun
Group) in Fengkai, China, the longest belt conveyors ever
built in Asia.
Rulmeca Tianjin received the order at the beginning of
2009 for more than 180,000 rollers. These were intended
for use on two 40km belt conveyor lines, which are used
to transport limestone, linking the quarry to the cement
plant in Fengkai, China.
The two parallel lines are curved belt conveyors, and feed one
of the biggest cement plants in the world with limestone at a
rate of 30,000 tonnes/day.
Each line comprises three curved overland conveyors (11km,
12km and 17km), powered by a total of 19 groups of 750kW,
with a belt speed of 5m/s.
The curved conveyors were designed to cross over 25 mountains
as well as roads and rivers.
Conveyor details Rulmeca rollers details:
Belt speed: 5 m/s PSV series, type PSV/1, 3, 4 – mainly with tube diameter 159mm.
Tension: 3 150 N/mm
Belt width: 1,400mm
Thickness: 24mm