Engineers from STEMM's Research, Development and Innovation Department have developed with great success, maintenance and lubrication free joints.
The engineers from the R&D&I Department have successfully developed joints for all their orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs which require no maintenance or lubrication. This greatly facilitates the conservation of machines in optimal working condition.
Following many trials, tests and verifications, these joints are now being used in all the machines manufactured by STEMM since the beginning of 2015. This benefits all types of industrial sectors, including amphibious applications for fresh and sea water, polluted tanks in water treatment plants and scale pits in siderurgy.
The bushings are moulded products that have been patented for all joints used in our orange peel and clamshell grabs.They are produced in polythene material with incorporated solid lubricant in a special internal formulation, which allows lifelong lubrication.
The joints have high mechanical resistance, as well as high stiffness and hardness, low and uniform friction coefficient and an outstanding wear, shock and water absorption resistance.
The joints are also protected by double lip polyurethane scratchers with high wear and extrusion resistance as well as low deformation resistance. These scratchers are suitable for very hard working conditions or dirty and dusty environments, avoiding dirt and water penetration. The special design of the inner lip contributes to an optimal contact pressure resulting from the great scratch effect.