Major grabs manufacturer Stemm is taking full advantage of today’s digital environment to improve its offering to its customers.
Grab Connect: remote control service
The first of Stemm’s new digital initiatives is its Grab Connect remote control service.
Stemm recognizes that, at times, production processes suffer stoppages due to problems generated by the inadequate maintenance of machines. These stoppages involve the loss of time and the use of resources to restart the production process.
Stemm has been working on how to optimize the preventative maintenance policy and make production processes more efficient. The result is the Grab Connect remote control service.
Grab Connect offers customers continuous remote monitoring, assessment and control of their machines, and they can also programme it and adjust it in real time.
Stemm’s grabs incorporate an automaton that allows for the visualization in real time of the operating pressure, the oil temperature and level, the opening and closing commands and times, the number of manoeuvres and the hours of work… among other parameters.
In addition, it notifies, by email and text message, each time an event occurs, any incidence, stoppage or anomaly is detected. In this way, any change of components or need for spare parts is foreseen.
Thanks to the remote continuous maintenance service, Stemm’s Technical Support Service team is always available. Customers’ machines are controlled daily and, after every 500 hours of use, a report about status and maintenance is generated.
Furthermore, customers no longer have to worry about the supply of necessary components and spare parts, as Stemm’s maintenance service organizes and even manages the shipment of those components and parts.
This service is an ideal tool to carry out preventative maintenance and the control of operations, including the setting up, adjustment and modification of parameters, to keep customers’ grabs always controlled and operational and to never stop working,
On-Line Prices
The second new digital initiative from Stemm relates to its On-Line Prices system, developed to make life simpler for its customers. When planning a major purchase — and buying a grab is no different — there are many factors that have to be considered. The process can be difficult and inefficient, especially due to the huge amount of information that we have to deal with.
Large catalogues of products and different suppliers all need complex comparative analyses that are time-consuming and, sometimes, hard to carry out.
Stemm aims to make that process easier for its customers with the introduction of its On-Line Prices service, which allows potential customers to evaluate and calculate their projects and investments in a practical, rapid and efficient way, finding out immediately the current prices and delivery dates.
The procedure consists of various steps;
* First, the customer needs to access the On-Line Prices tab.
* Then the customer needs to REGISTER on the database.
* After registration has been accepted, customers will receive an e-mail confirming USER and PASSWORD details.
* Customers will also be invited to REQUEST ACCESS TO THE ON-LINE PRICES, which will be authorized immediately.
* Once ACCESS TO THE PRICES has been authorized, the customer needs to indicate:
* the type of machine required;
* the density of the product to be manipulated;
* the machine’s capacity;
* the number of machines and delivery dates required;
* the country of destination and a brief description of the project or installation.
* Once the customer has filled out the form, the details are sent to Stemm’s Central Server that is connected to the computers of Production, Metalworking, Purchasing and to the databases of its main suppliers of components and raw materials.
* In a few seconds, the customer will have a first provisional offer on their screen, and they will also receive this via e-mail. Also, in less than 24 hours, Stemm’s sales personnel will send the definitive net offer, which is more detailed, including the full technical description and a fact sheet with links to videos of similar machines.
Stemm’s new service for On-Line Prices allows the customer to make multiple enquiries, at any moment and from any place, until they find the optimal and appropriate solution for their needs.
It is a formidable work and management tool that is used by the whole international network of Stemm’s representatives and distributors, as well as by all in-house staff.
About Stemm
Since 1984, Stemm has designed and manufactured a wide range of grapples, clamshell grabs and other types of grabs and tongs for many different sectors, including the iron and steel, marine, crane, overhead cranes and cement industries and the environmental sector.
Stemm boasts a vastly knowledgeable team with excellent technical skills and proven experience in the sector. This ensures that it can be highly flexible and can respond to all its customers’ needs.
There is fluid and constant communication between the management, engineering and manufacturing depart­ments, ensuring rapid reaction times that allow them to respond quickly and efficiently to customers’ needs.