In Chile, port company Puerto Ventanas recently inaugurated its new La Greda dry bulk warehouse, as part of its Warehouse System Upgrade for Copper Concentrates programme. The 3,200m2 facility has a capacity of 46,000 tonnes and is the closest warehouse to the surrounding residential community.

According to managing director Jorge Oyarce, Puerto Ventanas is the leading private port in central Chile. The new warehouse, he added, incorporates all the latest technology in the reception, storage and transfer of dry bulk. Above all, he highlighted the dust emissions capture and control system, which features high quality filters. These ensure that air quality in and around the warehouse can be maintained to a high level and allow Puerto Ventanas to boost its environmental credentials. 

“In respect of worker safety, we have incorporated technology that allows operation with lower risk exposure, thanks to a system for remotely monitoring operations,” he added.

The overall design of the warehouse allows the port to optimise the footprint of the building, which also incorporates energy efficient lighting.

Oyarse stresses that the warehouse will enable Puerto Ventanas to consolidate its position as the reference company in the movement and storage of bulk solids.

Puerto Ventanas prides itself on going further than necessary in environmental protection, being granted a favourable environmental qualification by the Sistema de Evaluacio´n de Impacto Ambiental company.

Barry Cross