State Company “Yuzhny Commercial Sea Port” accepted about 24 000 of vessels and handled 3,4 m of rail cars within the period of 1978 - 2018. The total cargo turnover is 502,8 mt since the first vessel was moored. It is the best result in the port industry of Ukraine.
“In the first half of 1978 the cargo turnover of the state company was 140 000, while since the beginning of 2018 the company has handled 6,1 mt of cargo. The company has much to be proud of: the state company handles over 12 mt of cargo every year. The port was built and developed to handle cargo for mining and metallurgical industry. Today, as well as 40 years ago, export ore, pig iron and metal make up the lion’s share of the cargo turnover. Changes in the world markets contributed to the increase in demand for handling of thermal and coking coal for the Ukrainian industry. In 2013, the company bought a new tugboat fleet with the total capacity of 6000 hp and modern cranes and handling equipment. In 2015, due to the dredging at the berths, where the company operates, the first Capasize vessel was loaded up to draught of 18,5 m. Today, the State Company handles Newcastlemax vessels on a regular basis. Moreover, our port is the only one that accommodates large-capacity vessels. It is the merit of all the employees of the port, who built and developed the company. Our today aim is to attract new cargo owners and expand the range of cargoes in order to boost the cargo throughput, develop the infrastructure and capacities of the basic handling areas, increase profitability, efficiency of cargo operations, security level and create comfortable working conditions”, - said Anatoliy Yablunivskiy, acting director of Yuzhny Commercial Sea Port.
The State Company “Yuzhny Commercial Sea Port” is one of the biggest taxpayers in Odesa region, and the largest local employer for Yuzhny town. The sum of 740 million UAN was transferred to different types of budget in 2017. 105,2 million UAN of which was aimed at Yuzhny town development. Payments to the town budget increased by 25,5% as compared to 2016. Thanks to the stevedoring company activities 12 blocks of flats, a secondary school, 2 nursery schools, a hostel, a health care center, a modern sports and fitness center, and other facilities were built for port workers.