For a long while, the news around looms for FIBC fabric has been rather quiet. Now the time has come for something new in this area: with the eight-shuttle circular loom RX 8.0 Starlinger & Co. GmbH is raising the bar. The new loom will be presented for the first time at this year’s Chinaplas in Guangzhou, China, taking place from 20–23 May 2013.


An operator-friendly loom that produces high-quality tape fabric for heavy-duty applications, has low maintenance and spare part requirements and is cost-efficient — these were the set targets in the development of the RX 8.0 loom. Based on the well- proven Starlinger SL and alpha loom concepts, the new eight- shuttle loom ensures high-quality output, easy handling and smooth operation due to electronically controlled settings and well-engineered technical features. The use of new materials reduces strain and friction on the tapes and increases the lifetime of wear and tear parts, keeping maintenance and spare part expenses down.

The RX 8.0 is primarily designed for the production of PP and HDPE tape fabric for heavy-duty applications such as FIBCs, tarpaulins, as well as geo- and agrotextiles, and meets the specific machine requirements on the target markets. Nevertheless, also the production of lighter fabrics — down to 55g/m2 — is possible. With its excellent price/performance ratio the RX 8.0 makes high-tech weaving possible at a competitive price.


Be it polypropylene tape production waste, start-up lumps in extrusion, printed and coated fabric scraps and rejects from the conversion process, thermoplastic waste from film production, filament or nonwoven scraps — plastic production waste is too valuable to be wasted. Make the most of your input material in times of high resin prices and recycle your production waste for reusing it in the production process or selling it for use in other applications. The Starlinger recoSTAR recycling lines are renowned for handling demanding conditions especially in the field of production and post-industrial waste recycling, and can be configured to fit the individual requirements of different applications. Starlinger PET recycling systems produce food safe recycled PET granulate for bottle-to-bottle applications and are approved for use in food applications by many brand owners as well as various national and international authorities.


Starlinger has been in the mechanical engineering industry since 1835 and has been exporting products worldwide for over 45 years. As a renowned supplier in the field of machinery and complete lines for woven plastic bag production and PET recycling and refinement, Starlinger has a strong presence in over 130 countries. The establishment of branches in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, USA and Uzbekistan clearly underlines its focus on customer-oriented service and support.