Global bulk handling company, RBL-REI is closely involved in the port, mining and cement industries, as well as others.

With its main headquarters located in Paris and Angers (Loire valley area), RBL-REI has several facilities in France and abroad.

It is widely represented throughout the world with commercial agencies which allow it to consider projects of the largest scale.

In order to meet the expectations of its customers as closely as possible, RBL-REI has developed the Stand’HopTM, a standard dedusted hopper for port applications.

The Stand’Hop was developed to enable its clients to avoid the following common problems during their projects:

  • environmental constraints;
  • high transportation and erection costs, especially in certain areas;
  • low equipment flexibility (clogging issues);
  • high operational and maintenance costs; v long delivery times; and
  • high CAPEX for reduced traffic.


With its experience on nearly 30 wharf hoppers operating worldwide, with the

Stand’HopTM, RBL REI is able to offer an industrial and efficient solution for its clients, one which guarantees:

  • conical hopper, no retention of product; v cone and structure completely hot dip galvanized;
  • possibility to mount up to eight bag filters on the first model, and 12 bag filters for the second model;
  • hopper fully delivered in 40ft containers, for low cost, quick and easy access to delivery areas;
  • easy erection procedure, low supervi- sion time; and
  • reduced OPEX & CAPEX.


The range of RBL-REI’s hopper is divided in two models, to be able to handle loads from all the clamshell grabs that are currently on the market.

A number of options are available to customize the Stand’HopTM to adapt the hopper at the needs of the customer. Since the launch of this new product, in the past few months RBL-REI has been awarded five contracts to supply the Stand’HopTM to European and African markets.

With the Stand’HopTM RBL-REI has developed a new product that gives the client customized solutions, from the very early stages to the final commissioning. The company has decades of experience and unique skills, allowing it to design innovative bulk handling solutions, for any kind of bulk materials (including cereals, cement, clinker, aggregates, coal...)

RBL-REI now has a range of products to solve environmental or flow constraint problems. These include:

  • CurvoducTM, an engineering technology dedicated to overland curved conveyors, for mining and tunnelling applications;
  • Stand’HopTM, the dedusted hoppers for port applications; and
  • ZZ BeltTM, a technology dedicated to vertical conveyor belts.