Majority of fleet outfitted with scrubbers

Mv Floragracht is already the 24th Spliethoff Group-owned vessel outfitted with a scrubber and over the years the company has therefore acquired significant experience with this technology.

In 2012, Spliethoff Group subsidiary Transfennica started by outfitting their six Con-Ro vessels with scrubbers. In 2014 – 2015 Spliethoff’s fourteen S-type vessels followed and at the same time sister-company Wijnne Barends fitted scrubbers in three of their C-type vessels. In the coming period scrubbers will be installed on thirty more vessels of Spliethoff, BigLift Shipping and Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

 “Thanks to scrubbers and with the support of our customers, Spliethoff Group will lower the impact of shipping on the environment and at the same time cope in a cost-efficient way with the cost increase caused by the stricter sulphur regulations”, says Arne Hubregtse, technical director of Spliethoff Group. “As a member of the Trident Alliance, we hope authorities will show the same commitment by enforcing the sulphur rules.”

Trident Alliance

In 2014 Spliethoff Group joined the Trident Alliance – a coalition of shipowners and -operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations and are willing to collaborate to help bring it about. The main focus of the Trident Alliance is clear communication to raise awareness of possible weak enforcement of the marine sulphur regulations, supported by member companies’ transparency on compliance.

Spliethoff Group

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