DF, the Spanish industrial group, has been a public listed company on the Madrid Stock Market since 1905. Since it was founded, the company has been continuously evolving to adapt to market changes and increasing requirements on its projects with faster delivery times and higher performance.

The company’s engineering department is based at its headquarters in the north of Spain, which facilitates the development and design of the material handling machines and conveyors for all projects.

In recent years the company has been focused on the international market; taking advantage of its worldwide presence, it has maintained its competitive level of prices without compromising quality. Three new subsidiaries have been opened recently in key areas in the world to take care of new markets: the Middle East, Indonesia and Australia.

PT Duro Felguera Indonesia is a licensed Mining Services Company in Indonesia, to supply material handling solutions for mining companies on a turnkey basis. It also assists DF projects in other countries by sourcing commercial supplies in Indonesia for material handling projects.

DF Mining & Handling is specialized in project development on an EPC basis, in areas such as bulk material handling, mining and mineral processing. DF M&H carries out the complete process to develop a project: engineering, procurement, manufacture, erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance.


Coal and coke shiploader for Kinder Morgan Terminals, USA 

This is DF’s latest commissioned machine, in May 2014, and the second shiploader DF has successfully installed in the USA.

This state-of-the-art loader was designed at DF’s headquarters in Gijon and manufactured and assembled in China, with all commercial items supplied from Europe.

It is a travelling, luffing and slewing shiploader equipped with a shuttle boom, boasting a nominal rated capacity of 5,000stph (short tonnes per hour) of coal and also designed for coke.

The machine is designed to be capable of loading bulk carriers ranging in size from 40,000dwt to 118,000dwt. It has the latest dust suppression system design to comply with environmental regulations.

The final destination of the shiploader is Kinder Morgan’s existing Deepwater Terminal at Pasadena, Texas. Due to the fast track delivery time, the machine was fully assembled and tested in the workshop and transported on large pieces to minimize the down time of the existing terminal in Texas.

Jambi Coal Terminal, Indonesia

Jambi Province is one of the coal mining areas on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Coal from mines located in remote areas is transported by truck to the main port in the city to load ocean barges to send the coal to the mother vessel.

In January 2014 the regulations concerning coal transportation by truck in this province established that truck coal transportation is no longer permitted, in order to reduce the damage caused to roads by the continuous queues of trucks.

PT Bara Ria Sukses has contracted PT Duro Felguera Indonesia to develop the Jambi Coal Terminal on an EPC basis at the limits of the area where coal transportation by road is no longer allowed, roughly 80km up the Batanghari River.

The complete terminal is designed to receive and stock coal from different clients, before loading it onto the barges that then transport the coal to the vessel at the anchor point in the ocean.

Turnkey supply of river barge loading terminal, consisting of: 
  • two barge loading conveyors with a capacity of 800tph (tonnes per hour) per hour each; 
  • loading hoppers with variable-speed belt feeders; and 
  • complete civil works including the marine jetties.

Jambi coal is very soft with low calorific properties, and due to the logistics in the area it was necessary to design a system capable of loading large pieces of coal in order to minimize degradation.