UK company Smiley Monroe Ltd recently installed its fourth conveyor
spillage control and dust encapsulation system at Brunner
Mond’s Lostock site, having won the business due to its previous record of
carrying out work safely, within a specified shutdown period.  The
customer, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sodium carbonate,
used in the production of glass and detergents, reports that as well as
creating a cleaner, safer working environment, the new system is
delivering reduced maintenance costs.
Brunner Mond UK once again turned to Smiley Monroe when it came to
updating its facility in the UK, at the Northwich East (Lostock) site, where
soda ash is manufactured, using the locally available raw materials of brine and limestone.  The
installation was carried out during an annual 24-hour shutdown
period by Smiley Monroe’s team and a subcontractor, led by
technical design engineer, Bill Martin.  The material handled by the
conveyors is burnt lime, dictating difficult working conditions due
to the hot temperature, risk of lime burns and dusty material,
which can cause watery eyes and sneezing.  Smiley Monroe
designed and manufactured its system with ease of installation in
mind, using sub-assembled components, in order to carry out the
installation within the agreed timescale.
Malith Sumanasekera, development engineer, Brunner Mond
UK, said: “The new system is working well and we are very happy
with its performance.  The team from Smiley Monroe carried out
the work in the allocated time slot and completed the work
ahead of schedule.
“The driving factor in installing this new system has been the
control of fugitive dust from the conveyors.  The main benefits,
apart from dust suppression, have been reduced maintenance
costs and ease of carrying out maintenance on the conveyors.
We are hoping to continue this work and upgrade the remaining
sections on these conveyors to this new system.  I would like to
thank Smiley Monroe for a job well done.”
Jeremy Cross, Smiley Monroe’s GB sales manager, adds: “The
Smiley Monroe conveyor spillage control and dust encapsulation
system  reduces airborne dust pollution by containing material
and dust in the main product flow.  Additionally, our new system
is easier to maintain than its predecessor and uses an improved
quick release dust sealing arrangement, which causes less wear to
the conveyor belt.  To ensure a spillage-free feedpoint, we also
fitted a Smiley Monroe Glide Tracker roller, another low
maintenance product, which keeps the conveyor belt central to
the conveyor.”
Brunner Mond is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of
sodium carbonate and the sole producer in the UK.  From the
manufacture of glass, detergents and biscuits to the production of
life-saving dialysis treatments and the purification of drinking
water, a huge range of industrial, household and
personal care preparations depend upon its
products and services.  Brunner Mond is wholly
owned by Tata Chemicals Limited, the world’s
second largest producer of soda ash, and part of the
Tata Group of India.
Northern Ireland based Smiley Monroe Limited
— celebrating 30 years in business — specializes in
the design, manufacture, installation and service of
conveyor belts, rubber & polyurethane screening
media, conveyor transfer point spillage control &
dust encapsulation systems, CNC profile cutting of
conveyor skirting & sealing rubber, gaskets &
composite materials and specialized vulcanizing
training for end users and original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) of mobile crushing, screening
and recycling equipment in the UK & Ireland, with
export worldwide. Industries served range from
quarrying, mining, recycling and bulk handling to
cement, fertilizer, ports and coal-fired power stations.