Today, hundreds of installations, from industrial facilities and port terminals, to ships, silos, and power plants, benefit from the unique capabilities of our screw conveyors. They offer some of the most outstanding dry bulk material handling attributes on the market. Here are a few highlights:
Screw conveyors have very low energy consumption demands and are totally enclosed, protecting the environment by ensuring that dust emissions and spillage are eliminated when conveying all materials. They can handle virtually any dry bulk and are ideal for powdery, dusty cargoes, especially where scrupulously clean operations are essential.
Screw conveyors can be supplied with multiple inlets and outlets, allowing for very flexible cargo distribution arrangements. They can be delivered as stand-alone units or as part of complete bulk material handling systems and are available in several diameter sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications, and capacities range from 30 to 1,700 m³/h.
Screw conveyors operate with the helical flight moving the bulk material forward by rotational action. A vertical screw conveyor can elevate material up to 40m, combining multiple conveyors in a series allows material to be raised to any required height. The same principle holds for horizontal conveyors, which can also be inclined and are reversible.
Our screw conveyors are lightweight with a very small physical footprint. This makes them ideal for jetties with weight restrictions and when installing a conveying system within existing infrastructure. For example, vertical screw conveyors require much less space than a bucket elevator, making them ideal when space is limited.
The rigid and heavy-duty construction of our conveyors reduces wear and enables easy maintenance at infrequent intervals. Our screw flights offer some of the industry’s longest service lives.
Bruks Siwertell can now reveal the extremely positive outcomes of its recent innovative research and development (R&D) program, targeted at improving the lifetime of the vertical screw conveyor in its market-leading range of Siwertell technology.