Bruks Siwertell has secured a further Siwertell ship unloader order from Israel’s Ashdod Port Company Ltd. Supporting Ashdod’s major expansion plans, the Siwertell 15 000 S road-mobile ship unloader will deliver flexible, environmentally-friendly sulfur handling operations and complements the high-capacity capabilities of the recently ordered rail-mounted Siwertell ST 490-M ship unloader.
Both unloaders will handle the highly volatile and corrosive commodity, sulfur, without dust or spillage. “The customer chose to invest in Siwertell technology because we have decades of well-proven experience in sulfur unloading,” notes Siwertell President, Per Karlsson. “Current grab crane unloading systems simply no longer meet the port’s requirements when it comes to efficiency, safety and environmental protection.
“Furthermore, due to Ashdod’s intake of sulphur in both large and small vessels, the 15 000 S was the best choice to secure safe, high-capacity through-ship operations for the smaller vessels,” says Mr Karlsson.
The unloader will be based in the Port of Ashdod, on Israel’s Mediterranean coast and will offer significant flexibility. “The operator plans to deploy the unloader at different locations within the port area,” adds Mr Karlsson. “It is ideal for this purpose.”
It features a double-bellows system to ensure efficient truck loading capabilities and will also be fitted with the Siwertell Sulfur Safety System (4S), which detects and extinguishes fires early, shutting down the system to stop their spread, and safely containing them before they become a risk.
The fully-enclosed road-mobile unit will offer a rated capacity of 350t/h for the continuous discharge of sulfur from vessels up to 15,000 dwt. It will be built in Sweden and is planned for delivery in September 2020.
Bruks Siwertell design, produce and deliver systems for loading, unloading, conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials, alongside equipment for chipping, screening, milling and processing wood for the biofuel, board, saw mill, pulp and paper industries. All equipment is designed to ensure environmentally-friendly and efficient cargo operations.
Source: Bruks Siwertell