In Argentina, work continues on the third grain silo complex at the Port of Queque´n, which is being built on a six-hectare site adjacent to the turning basin. In total, four storage silos are to be built, with the initial phase of the terminal to open for traffic in early January, 2015.

Berth O will initially be used to load vessels, while Berth 1 is to be served directly by two of the silos, which will have a boom that can be used to load grain and cereal products into alongside vessels.

Each of the concrete silos is some 24 metres in height and has sufficient capacity to accommodate up to 12,000 tonnes of cereals and oil seeds. A separate storage cell, divided by a series of partitions, will also be put in place to allow various types of product to be individually stored. This will be able to hold up to 36,000 tonnes.

Berth 0, which is also the reception area for trucks, will have dust suppression systems in place. Similarly, the loading booms used over the ships will also feature similar systems to make the working environment as clean as possible. In fact, all trucks will undertake loading and discharge of grain in an enclosed environment, thereby stopping as much dust as possible escaping into the atmosphere.

At Berth 0, up to 30 trucks per hour can be discharged, with three unloading points to be provided during the initial phase.