Rouen cereal operators exported 6.45 Mt during the 2020-21 season as the result of a poor 2020 harvest.
A record campaign in the 2019-20 season (which runs from 1 July to June 30) saw 9.9 Mt of cereals handled last year, so the 2020-21 vintage was described by HAROPA PORT as “less resounding with a total of 6.45 Mt of grain exported”.
Of this total, common wheat represented 4.63 Mt and barley 1.82 Mt. This significant decrease can be explained by a 2020 national harvest, which was down 26% for wheat to 29 Mt, with barley production (brewing and fodder) showing a decline of 24%. However, the hinterland of Rouen once again recorded a good quality of cereals at harvest.
“HAROPA PORT thus maintains its slightly increasing market share, which still accounts for more than 50% of French wheat and barley exports,” the port group stated.
“With a sharp slowdown in May and June, shiploads were spread over 10 months, with a very active March with nearly 930,000t handled by the four Rouen operators – Groupe BZ, Sénalia, Simarex and Socomac.”