The capabilities of SENNEBOGEN’s port specialists were on large display at the recent edition of Bauma, where the firm demonstrated its 875 E Series Hybrid model, featuring the now proven Green Hybrid energy recovery system.

SENNEBOGEN green line material handlers have proved themselves in demanding tasks around the globe with reliable technology, minimal operating costs and innovative, custom solutions for any challenge. With the 870 E Hybrid and the 875 E Hybrid models in particular, SENNEBOGEN provides a wide range of products for port handling equipment with optional booms reaching a range from 60 to nearly 100 ft. (18 m to 29 m). The 875 at Bauma put the spotlight on a newly developed boom concept engineered for optimized strength and efficient weight reduction to expand their potential application for handling bulk and general cargo.

Three new equipment options

The 870 E Hybrid model has been expanded with three new boom options: 79 ft., 82 ft., and 89 ft. (24 m, 25 m and 27 m). The SENNEBOGEN 875 E Hybrid is also updated with three boom configurations: 85 ft., 89 ft., and the longest at 95 ft. (26 m, 27 m and 29 m). The advantages of the boom systems include increased reach for high load capacities or higher strength to move even heavier loads with the shorter length booms.

With these modifications, SENNEBOGEN has positioned itself to meet industry specific requirements and is offering ports around the world more options to meet the needs of its ship and barge traffic.

Popular tried and trusted features such as the comfortable, spacious cabs, the hydraulic elevating cab and the Green Hybrid energy recovery system are still at the core of these updated port machines. The savings in operating cost of up to 30 percent, with the SENNEBOGEN Energy Recovery System, has been tested and verified through several years of service in many diverse applications across the globe.

In addition to the structural changes, since 2019, the 870 E Hybrid and 875 E Hybrid material handlers have been brought in line with the Tier 4F emissions standards. Their economical power comes in 350 HP and 525 HP diesel versions (261 kW and 391 kW) or in an environmentally friendly electric drive version.