SENNEBOGEN has unveiled its 655 HD duty cycle crawler crane: a new machine for universal deployment in a wide range of heavy-duty tasks on construction sites and in the extractive industry. Whether it is used with a dragline bucket or in foundation construction, the strengths of this new 55-tonne machine are clear to see.

In developing the new 655 HD and its numerous variants, SENNEBOGEN focused on combining quality workmanship with cutting-edge technical equipment.

The new machine fits seamlessly into SENNEBOGEN’s existing rope excavator range, and is ideal for tough assignments in a wide range of applications. For example it is just as suitable for use with diaphragm wall grabs and piping machinery as it is with drag buckets and leads. SENNEBOGEN has 60 years of experience designing and building rope excavators, and the fruits of that experience can be seen in this new rugged machine for persistent, heavy duty use. Both of its 16-tonne winches are driven by high-pressure, variable hydraulic motors, and deliver highly efficient power transmission. The driver is assisted in his everyday work by a special, continuously-variable free fall brake that also helps to protect the machine. User-friendly technology, state-of-the-art engines and optimized steering all go to save fuel and make the 655 HD not just easy to operate, but environmentally-friendly too.

RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY AND RUGGED CONSTRUCTION FOR TOUGH TASKS The SENNEBOGEN 655 HD’s sturdy mechanical components are particularly well-suited to dynamic tasks. They include extremely wide, robust pulleys which keep ropes reliably in place and can withstand huge loads. Then there’s an optional second rotation gear, which comes into its own particularly when the 655 HD is used with a dragline bucket, because as well as providing extra torque it also saves huge amounts of time when emptying the bucket. And the newly-designed fairlead keeps lateral movement in the luffing rope to a minimum thanks to a pulley rope guide in the base of the boom.

The machine also comes with a rugged double pin boom head as standard, for multiple reeving and hence easy accommodation of large lifting loads — regardless of whether it is fitted with a diaphragm wall grab, leads or piping machinery. If desired a single pin boom head can alternatively be used — perfect for operation in conjunction with wide pulleys with special rope grooves. Here

the grab can pass exactly through the precisely-dimensioned pulley, making changing grabs a quick and simple process. Because of its lighter weight, the 655 HD with single-axle boom head is particularly suitable for dynamic dragline work in the extractive industry. The wide range of equipment variants available for the SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crawler crane means it is universally suitable for numerous applications — for example with a grab, crane or wrecker’s ball. It can also be turned into a fully fledged crawler crane if required. Using a jib, heights of up to 56m are easily attainable.

GREEN EFFICIENCY TECHNOLOGY: BRINGING ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY INTO HARMONY The 655 HD is the first machine in SENNEBOGEN’s crane line to feature Green Efficiency technology, which aims to bring economy and ecology into harmony with one another. Features include temperature-controlled fan drives, an automatic start-stop system and cutting-edge exhaust gas treatment, all of which boost performance but minimize fuel consumption and emissions. Generously-dimensioned hydraulic valves and tubes enhance the machine’s efficiency, while high-quality components ensure ultimate reliability. It comes with a powerful 261kW Caterpillar diesel engine and a multi-circuit hydraulic system for optimal performance in every situation.

The comfortable maXcab is good news for drivers, because it is superbly ergonomic, has a sliding door for easy entry, and offers outstanding all-round visibility. It is also equipped with the SENNEBOGEN control system SENCON, which lets the operator read off, monitor and manage all machine parameters from a central location.

Apart from its superb adaptability, the other major strength of the new 655 HD is its compactness. Its telescoping crawler track and innovative self-assembly system make it simple and versatile to transport and deploy, and at just 3.30m wide, it can be carried on a conventional flatbed truck.With the help of the hydraulically adjustable A-frame, the 655 HD can also independently ballast itself, meaning it is ready to use again in no time.