The BEUMER group designs, manufactures and installs complete systems for loading bulk
material and bags on lorries, ships and trains.
These systems meet the individual needs of the customer. Using sophisticated
technology, bags and bulk material can be loaded and unloaded virtually dust-free,
with fewer personnel and minimal effort.
Bulk material such as building materials, coal, cereals, fodder,
mineral compounds or products of the chemical industry are often
loaded at the production location in suitable vehicles and transported as
bulkcargo via motorways, railways or waterways to other locations. Loading
and handlingsystems designed specifically for the product and
adapted to the installation conditions must be available.
When dimensioning these systems, characteristics of the goods
like bulk density, product temperature as well as flow properties
or bag weight are to be taken into account. Other important
criteria are the loading capacity, weight and volume monitoring
and dust-free, environmentally friendly operation.
Bulk transporter vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust
with the BEUMER bulk loading head, which has been
designed according to the double-wall system. The
material inlet and the dedusting unit are separated
from each other. The bulk loading head is connected to
a dedusting air system. The hoist equipment consists of a
powered winch. When placing the bulk loading head
on a filler neck, the sealing cone is lowered and opens
the outlet spout. The fill level can be adjusted using a fill level
meter in the vehicle. In order to balance out any minor
positional deviations of the vehicle, the bulk loading head can be
moved laterally during placement. If the BEUMER bulk loading
head is equipped with an integrated compressed-air filter, it can
operate independently from centralized dedusting systems and
dust transporting devices. The dust removed from the bulk
transporter vehicle is then fed back into the material flow during
loading. An externally installed fan is used to suction off the dust.
Stationary bulk loading heads are often insufficient for large
loading capacities, as for example in the cement industry. It
should be possible to move the bulk loading head to each filler
neck of the vehicle. For this reason, BEUMER developed mobile
loaders that can be adapted to the length of the vehicle.
If open vehicles are to be loaded dust-free, various telescoping
loading devices are available. When the loading process starts,
the bulk loading head is lowered to the floor of the vehicle and
the material feed is switched on. The bulk loading head is raised
automatically by a fill level switch in the lower dedusting hood,
which is activated by the risingmaterial. The edge of the dedusting
hoodalways rests on the material cone while itrises, so that no dust can escape.
In order to load bags on lorries and wagons, BEUMER co-developed
adjustable loading machines. For example, BEUMER offers side and
rear loading machines, as well as machines that load from above in
stationary and mobile designs for loading lorries. For loading wagons,
there are machines in multiple-part and threedimensional
design, and for lorries and wagons, there are machines with and without
ramps, railmounted or rubber coated.
With the BEUMER autopac® 3000, loading and palletizing system,
bags can be loaded on lorries automatically. The machine
simultaneously loads and palletizes bagged goods such as cement,
limestone or gypsum — without needing pallets. Therefore, it is
suitable to be used in countries where no pallets are available. In
rows or stacking patterns with a pre-selected number of layers,
the BEUMER autopac® 3000 works quickly and effectively
achieving a performance of up to 3,000 bags per hour. The
machine can load bags in double patterns of five, six and
ten bags. To secure the loads, five-bag patterns can be placed
at both ends of the loading space to act like the walls of
the lorry. The bags are handled gently, which proves to
be primarily advantageous when loading paper bags and
woven fabric bags, because it prevents the bags from breaking
from the outset. An electronic counting device ensures that the
lorry is not loaded too lightly or too heavily.
The BEUMER autopac® 3000 does not operate on a
pneumatic and hydraulic drive unit, because this can lead to
leakages and therefore to soiling of the load. Also, primarily in
warmer countries, these energy-intense drive units require
additional cooling. Therefore, for a high level of availability and
efficient operation, electromechanical components are used.
Fewer personnel are required when using BEUMER systems
to load bags into lorries, wagons and ships. When loading bags,
for example, the system merely needs to be moved into the
wagon or ship's cargo bay. Then, the bags need to be taken from
the conveyor and positioned. If bulk material is being loaded on
ships, the bulk loading head only needs to be moved so that the
material is evenly distributed. Loading bags with the BEUMER
systems is especially efficient in cases where a large number of
personnel would be required. This is the case, for instance, in
newly industrializing countries, in which the transshipment of
bagged bulk goods and labour costs are increasing.