Golden Shipping & Trading is using seven SDLG wheel loaders to efficiently run operations in Visakhapatnam Port in India.
At present, Golden Shipping & Trading relies on three LG958L and three L933 wheel loaders to load and unload cargo at Visakhapatnam Port in Andhra Pradesh, India. The machines´ great performance quickly inspired the company to add more SDLG machinery to the fleet.
“We purchased six SDLG wheel loaders in a span of 12 months,” said Rahul Koraganji, managing director of Golden Shipping & Trading. “In such a short time, we have been convinced of the reliability, efficiency and versatility of the machines. Also, our operators love the fact that it’s smooth and easy to use. Hence, we recently added a L958F to our SDLG fleet.”
The L958F is a general-purpose loader with high breakout force and high tipping load designed for heavy duty applications. Powered by a Deutz Tier III engine with a rated power of 162 kW at 2,000 rpm, the 5.5 t rated L958F has a maximum bucket capacity of 5.1 m3 and a maximum dumping height of 3,470 mm. The L958F also features a load-sensing fully hydraulic steering system, which is light, quick and energy-saving.
“I am looking forward to our operators using the L958F. Its cooling system has optimized inlet and outlet air channels that provide high cooling efficiency — a feature that is highly useful to boost operator comfort in the Indian heat,” Koraganji said. “When our operators are comfortable, it boosts our operations and efficiency. This was also proven when operators used SDLG’s LG958L and L933, so I am certain the L958F will do the same.”
The LG958L and L933 have been on site since 2017. The 5 t rated LG958L is used for high stacking and loading dumpers and rakes. The 3 t rated L933 is mainly used for loading dumpers. Working between eight to ten hours a day, the wheel loaders transport between 1,000 to 1,500 tons of materials daily and are expected to remain on site for another five years.
Established in 2016, Golden Shipping & Trading is headquartered in Andhra Pradesh with branches at major ports in India. It is one of the leading bulk cargo service providers in Visakhapatnam Port and purchased all SDLG wheel loaders from Asha Automine, SDLG’s distributor in Visakhapatnam, India.
“We are very satisfied with Asha Automine. They are efficient and reliable just like the wheel loaders,” Koraganji said. “The service team works around the clock and they respond immediately if or when we have issues. You can count on them anytime and that is really helpful.”
Source: SDLG