Handling salt is uniquely challenging. It is highly corrosive, which tends to result in additional wear-and-tear to dry bulk material handling, transportation and storage systems, as well as shorter maintenance intervals for equipment. On top of this, when salt arrives in bulk carrier holds, it tends to have compacted into crystalline lumps, which makes the unloading process much more demanding on equipment, further increasing wear.
Salt handling Siwertell unloaders are fitted with an optimized inlet feeder able to withstand not only the corrosive properties of salt, but also the significant digging forces needed to discharge it from the hold at high capacities. Furthermore, their walkways, handrails and electrical compartments are manufactured from stainless steel, which does not rust easily.
Bruks Siwertell is no stranger to these challenges, and has delivered many salt handling systems throughout the world. “For FPC’s requirements, the only system that was considered was a screw-type unloader. “Bruks Siwertell was also the only company that could meet the company’s very high specifications for extremely efficient, dust-free material handling.”
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