Rulmeca has announced the introduction of its
newly developed 1000HD motorized pulley.
Rulmeca is a specialist in the production of
rollers/idlers, motorized pulleys, fabricated
pulleys and other components for the global
bulk handling industry.
The Rulmeca 1000HD motorized pulley is
a highly developed, reliable and strong drive
with an outstanding power range of
It is able to take a high radial load and is
robust in design. It has therefore been
developed especially for use in:
  •   mining conveyors;
  •   excavators;
  •   stackers;
  •   reclaimers; and
  •   heavily loaded conveyors in gravel and sand.
The motorized pulley 1000HD is designed
for tough, irregular, extreme and brutal
working conditions.
The compact design allows the design
engineers to save materials and therefore
reduce costs when developing the conveyor.
A high protection rate connected with the
standard labyrinth sealing system means it can
be used in all ambient conditions.