In 2022, Rulmeca celebrates 60 years. This important milestone is a sign of a corporate solidity built over time, thanks to the experience and know-how of a specialized team, and the collaboration of qualified suppliers and trusted customers all over the world.
This is a moment to celebrate achieve­ments, give value to the work done and be grateful for the relationships built over years.
The anniversary will be the opportunity to take stock of the situation after decades of activity, but it’s certainly not an arrival point. Rulmeca is already looking forward and it wants to take its customers with it within its continuous growth path.
Rulmeca began operations in Almè, a small town in the province of Bergamo, Italy, in 1962, under the direction of the founder Antonio Ghisalberti, whose family had been running a company making lime for the steel industry for decades.
Since then, much has changed within the company, but the values that characterize Rulmeca remain fundamentally the same: respect for people and their work, the pleasure of working well, and consideration for the local community.
The moving of the company beyond national borders began, with foresight, in the early 1970s, supported by both direct commercial activity and collaboration agreements, even with competing companies. Over these last 60 years, Rulmeca has branched out thanks to the contribution of other company activities, some beginning before 1962 and absorbed into the main company, very often with success. After years of strong organizational growth, 2000 saw a surge in company development with the acquisition of leading international companies in the bulk conveyor component segment.
Approximately 1,200 people work for the Rulmeca Group in eight manufacturing, sales and service companies, and nine sales and service companies for the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of quality components for the global materials handling industry. These activities are co-ordinated across the world by Rulmeca Holding, the parent company based in Almè.
Over the years, Rulmeca has increased resources for R&D, adding skills and competences to cope with the market requirements and increasing technological demand.
One of the great innovations is the powerful tool for the design and sizing of its products: RCS = Rulmeca Calculation System. This is a powerful tool that makes it possible to select the most suitable Rulmeca product in just a few simple steps. It provides a comprehensive output with all the details to help the conveyor design.
Rulmeca treats itself to a gift for its 60th anniversary
Rulmeca presents its new company logo
For years, Rulmeca’s business growth has been supported by a very strong Brand Identity, with the help of a logo that has always represented the company identity. However, this does not mean that the company logo should not evolve over time, to retain the same communicative impact.
Rulmeca takes the opportunity of its 60th anniversary to give itself a new company. A restyling which won’t revolutionize the brand, but will create a fresher and more versatile version. A desire for renewal which stands for quality, care and innovation which has always characterized the company. Updated with the latest trends, the new logo will give the brand a modern feel and will easily suit the multiple means of communication used by the company while maintaining its distinctive and recognizable features. Not just that. This great news will also include a special edition specifically dedicated to the 60th anniversary, a celebrative logo that will mark the achieved goal and pave the way for the future.
“We loved our old logo, but it was time to refresh our longstanding company logo. The new restyled version still reflects the values and the personality of Rulmeca and symbolize the dynamic future of the brand as well.
“Our new logo not only comes from a desire to renew and update to new graphic and design trends, but also from the need to make it more versatile and suitable for all the online and offline means of communication used by the company: website, social networks, business cards, letterheads, flyers, billboards, posters, blogs. The result is a more modern and responsive logo which can represent the company and convey its identity wherever it appears.
“Our previous logo was created several years ago before current trends appeared. It has always been able to communicate our company identity in a distinctive and recognizable way in the worldwide industrial market.
“The new logo is not significantly different from the old one and keeps on reflecting the personality of the brand in a recognizable way, but it gives the company a contemporary feel and work better on multiple platforms,” says Enrico Aledi Corporate Marketing & Communication Manager
Special edition logo for the 60th anniversary
A special version of the new logo has been specifically created to celebrate 60 years of Rulmeca Group. The celebrative version of the logo marks the achieved goal and paves the way for future.
This is not an example of change for change’s sake: the new logo is part of the ongoing evolution of the company.
Rulmeca’s business has grown and evolved over the last 60 years and this change is a clear picture of its vision and mission to keep on moving ahead and delivering excellent quality and innovation in the future.