Rotterdam port community forms steering group to safeguard continuity in the port during COVID-19 outbreak

The port of Rotterdam and associated logistics activities have been classified as a vital sector by the EU and the Dutch government. To identify hiccups in the chain as a consequence of the virus outbreak on time and avoid them, the port will be organising a consultation twice a week at the initiative of Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. This consultation will be attended by representatives of the port’s nautical service providers, terminals, interest groups and other partners in the chain. Watch his video message.


Members of the steering group:
  • VRTO: Rob Bagchus
  • NOOD: Tjitte de Groot
  • VRC: Kees Groeneveld
  • Deltalinqs: Bas Janssen
  • VRMO: Mathijs Pelsma
  • Hinterland connections: Ben Maelissa
  • TLN / Fenex: Ad Schoenmakers
  • **Port of Rotterdam Authority: Allard Castelein (CEO), Rene de Vries (Harbour Master), Jan Willem Verkiel (DHMR), Emile Hoogsteden and Hans Nagtegaal (Business & Accounts) and Richard van der Eijk (Communications and External Affairs)