The mining industry is constantly evolving and facing countless challenges: process efficiency, productivity — combined with efficient use of soil, water, and energy — in harsh conditions where environmental impact plays an increasingly important role.
The mining sector requires particularly demanding applications, maximum performance, and reliability, so it is essential to optimize machinery and improve performance and operational efficiency to keep competitive.
Rossi solutions for mining and bulk material handling applications, in the standard version or fully customized according to customer requirements, can ensure efficiency, modularity, reliability, and easy maintenance, even in the harshest and dustiest environments, typical of the mining sector.
Rossi, a consolidated partner for the mining industry, offers a wide range of products for the most different applications: overland or plant conveyor, stacker reclaimer, roller presses, apron and belt feeder, rail car dumper, thickener, clarifier, etc.
The EP series of planetary gearboxes are available in 24 sizes, ‘ready to use’ and extremely compact, to the modular EP slewing drives with a torque up to 3,000kNm.
G series, helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors, equipped with cast iron single-piece housings with high structural rigidity granting high performance, smooth running, and maximum precision thanks to ground helical and bevel gears of the highest quality class and optimized geometries.
H series, helical and bevel helical gearboxes, are available in ten sizes and with nominal torque from 109 to 1,000kNm.
Modularity can be considered one of the main features of Rossi production. Product flexibility and modular architecture allow, starting from standard products, to assemble customized products and to design modular solutions that can be integrated, such as combined units and drive units on swing base, including the most varied and demanding application requirements.
Rossi is the technological partner of the main OEMs in the mining sector, for the supply of the technology necessary for extraction and handling, thus identifying the best solutions for each specific application. High-quality standards, three years warranty, customization, and a wide range of executions and accessories are just some of the elements that have always distinguished Rossi gear reducers and gearmotors.
Rossi S.p.A. is present in several countries through an extensive sales and service network organized through branches and distributors, always close to the customer, from pre-sales consulting to installation and after-sales service.
ROSSI S.p.A. designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors, for several applications and industry segments, worldwide. Founded in 1953, Rossi has over 900 employees (250 abroad) and is active all over the world thanks to 15 international subsidiaries and three production facilities in Italy. Since 2004 Rossi has been a Habasit Holding Member company, a worldwide organization with headquarters in Switzerland.