After over 40 years in the ships equipment trade,TTS Group has successfully engineered a series of hatch cover arrangements to meet all requirements for weatherdeck and tweendeck use. Several standard systems have been developed and patented, from simple pontoon to various hydraulically operated types.

Designed and marketed by TTS Marine GmbH in Bremen (former Kvaerner Ships Equipment) together with its joint venture partner TTS Hua Hai in Shanghai,TTS enjoys a 54% market share in China for its hatch cover product range. Following a cost improvement initiative,TTS now aims at increasing its market share in the rest of the world. The number of orders in this segment are increasing.


Among the wide range of hatch covers, the TTS side rolling hatch cover ensures that the requirements of owners and regulatory authorities in respect of the manoeuvring, cleating and tightening of the hatch cover panels are met in full. The company’s product development continually reduces manufacturing time while ensuring a low weight of cover and maintaining strength requirements. TTS side rolling hatch covers are of a reliable, but cost-effective construction and are designed to fulfill the UR S21 rules from the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

TTS also is the inventor of the first-ever folding hatch cover operated by externally located hydraulic cylinders and crocodile arms. This innovative design, known as the multifold crocodile hatch cover, is still the ideal solution for today's multipurpose/container vessels and coasters which have long hatches and a short stowing space for the hatch cover panels. This external operated system still offers the most advantages regarding safety and opening/closing times.

TTS Marine GmbH in Bremen also offers anchor/mooring winches and mega yacht equipment as well as service and aftersales.


Bergen-headquartered TTS is a global enterprise that designs, develops and supplies equipment for the marine and offshore industries. TTS is one of the top three largest suppliers in its specialized market segments. With a worldwide workforce of around 1100,TTS has over 40 years of experience in the marine industry. The group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, USA, China, Korea,Vietnam and Singapore.

The group's activities primarily involve design, assembly and testing of equipment while, apart from manufacture of certain key components, production is undertaken by a global network of subcontractors. TTS also has a worldwide network of branch offices, service stations and agents and provides after sales service covering major shipping regions in the world.