The Port of Paranaguá recorded a record bulk sugar shipment loading. The Caravos Glory vessel from the Marshall Islands (Oceania) shipped 58,175 tons to the Middle East. Average shipments are usually between 40-45,000 tons.
According to Paraná Port Operations (Pasa), no extra measures were needed as the appropriate equipment was already available for the size of the operation. It informed that average loading capacity at the berth is 1,300 tons per hour.
According to Luiz Teixeira da Silva Júnior, Director of Pasa, what makes the operation even more interesting is the fact that for this shipment, the cargo was received at the terminal exclusively by rail. This year, the company has already handled almost 518,000 tons via berth 204. In 2018, this figure was around 2.1 million tons. The company also works with the grain. In 2018, a total of 3.3 million tons of sugar were handled by Paraná’s ports.