Duro Felguera is currently in the final construction period for
various important projects, among others petroleum coke
handling facilities for the refinery plant of Repsol YPF —
Petronor in Muskiz (Spain) and the second unloading hopper
for the Steel Plant of Emirates Steel Industry in Abu Dhabi
(UAE) described on this report.
The plant in Spain for Petronor is divided into three
different areas: crushing, storage and truck loading. The
crushing area consists of belt conveyors system feeding the
roll mill, including receiving hopper, magnetic separators and
emergency truck load system. Once the coke is milled, it is
transported to the indoor storage area using a pipe conveyor.
The storage building has a total covered area of 100m x
50m. Material is handled by independent stacker and reclaimer
machines. The travelling stacker piles the material along the
yard, and it is reclaimed by an scraper reclaimer. Once the
material is reclaimed, it’s raised via a sandwich conveyor to the
top of the truck loading building. The truck loading building
includes four silos, each equipped with an automatic gates and
telescopic chutes to load the trucks. Underneath the silos, the
integrated truck weighing system controls the loading rate.
One of the important features of this state-of-the-art plant is
the high degree of automation. Trucks are tagged at the
entrance gate of the refinery and go directly to the truck loading
station. Once the truck is placed underneath the silos, the truck
weighing system tells the driver how to place the truck on the
right place and starts the loading automatically when the truck is
ready. Duro Felguera has scheduled the commissioning of this
installation to take place in the first quarter of 2011. This
contract started with the feasibility study at the end of 2007 and
is currently being installed, as can be seen in the pictures.
Another important installation is the second jetty hopper in
the United Arab Emirates, to unload iron ore ships. It will
handle the iron ore for the Emirates Steel Industries’ (ESI)
second steel plant. As a consequence of the perfect operation
of the material handling facilities for the first phase, ESI ordered
Duro Felguera to supply the ship-unloading hopper for the
second phase.
With a capacity of 146 cubic metres, the unloading hopper is
used as a buffer between the unloading of the ship and the
material handling conveyor for the storage of the material. It
can regulate the material flow at 2,000tph (tonnes per hour) to
the conveyor at a rate of 2.2m/s. It integrates with dust
suppression systems as well.
All the manufactured parts arrived in UAE last month and the
erection is as scheduled.
Duro Felguera comprises a group of companies on the
international market, specialized in the execution of ‘turnkey’
projects for the energy and industrial sectors, as well as in the
manufacture of capital goods.
With close to 150 years’ experience in industrial fields, Duro
Felguera at present develops integrated projects for electric
power stations mainly for gas-fired combined cycle plants,
industrial plants and fuel storage facilities. The company carries
out the complete process of the project: engineering,
procurement, construction, erection, commissioning, operation
and maintenance.
In the field of manufacture, Duro Felguera specializes in
equipment for refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and
off-shore equipment; components for wind farms; rail track
equipment, tunnel boring machines and equipment for large
laboratories and research centres, among other industrial
With its headquarters in Gijón (Spain), Duro Felguera has
extensive international experience. The company has set up a
subsidiary in Asia and is negotiating various projects in this
sector. It carried out large energy-related and industrial projects
in various countries in Latin America and Europe. It also
exports to such widely differing markets such as the United
States, Qatar, Greece, United Arab Emirates or Venezuela.