Tenova TAKRAF has reported several recent contracts for its equipment. It has recently signed a contract for the turnkey supply of a shiploader and a conveyor system with Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière (SNIM), the state-owned company in Mauritania.
The new shiploader has an iron ore capacity of 12,000tph (tonnes per hour) and is part of an ambitious programme to expand the company’s mine in Zouerate. The ore, which has been extracted since 1963, is transported by rail from the Zouerate mine to the Nouadhibou terminal for export.
The loader will be constructed by Tenova TAKRAF Italy and transported to the port, almost fully erected, on a special ship equipped with the necessary hoisting equipment. The conveyor system and ancillary equipment will be built by Tenova TAKRAF Germany. The contract, which includes civil works in addition to mechanical supplies, is expected to be realized in 30 months.
Tenova TAKRAF will also supply a petcoke (petroleum coke) handling system in Saudi Arabia. It has recently signed a contract for a petcoke handling, storage and shiploading system for the new Jubail Export refinery in Saudi Arabia. The customer, Gulf Consolidated Contractors (GCC), is to build most of the new refinery for new refinery named Sau Di Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP) while Tenova TAKRAF will supply the entire petcoke handling systems, which will be an important ‘package’ of the refinery. Tenova TAKRAF will be working in partnership with PHB Weserhütte (Gijón — Spain) and will be responsible for the design, supply and site delivery of a handling system comprising: a conveyor belt system plus one scraper in the refinery area; an overland conveyor covering a distance of 25km from the refinery to the port; a system of conveyor belts plus two scrapers and one shiploader in the port area. The system will be used to store, transport and load petroleum coke, a solid residue obtained from petroleum refinement processes. Tenova TAKRAF is particularly proud of this contract which represents Tenova TAKRAF’s entry into the constantly expanding refinery market.
For more details on Tenova TAKRAF’s activities, please see p100 of this issue (our feature on stockyard equipment).